Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The story gets better everytime you tell it

Ellie: This is the Eiffel Tower where Daddy asked you "Will marry me."
Mommy: Yep.
Ellie: He was up at the top in this corner and you were down on the ground way down here. And he leaned over the side and he yelled to you, "Hey! Will you marry me?" and you yelled back "Sure I will." And then you climbed to the top of the tower to be with him and you both yelled down to the people below, "Will you marry us?" And everyone who heard you said "Of course!" And den you lived happily ever after, but first you kissed Daddy.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Bedtime Sisters

Mommy: Addie, do you want me to tuck you in?
Addie: No. La-La do it.
Ellie: You want me to tuck you in?
Addie: Yeah.
Ellie: Ok. Climb into bed and I will put lots of blankets on you.
Mommy: Do you want me to turn on your music?
Addie: No. La-La do it.
Ellie: Ok. And then do you want a kiss good night?
Addie: Yeah.
Mommy: From me too?
Addie: Yeah. La-La gurn first.
Ellie: Ok. My turn first. Then Mommy.
Mommy: Do you want me to sing you a song?
Addie: No. La-La do it.
Ellie: Ok, which song?
Addie: Missa Moon.
Ellie: Mister Moon song? Ok.... Mister Moon, Mister Moon, you're out too soon...
Mommy: Good night Addie.
Addie: More song?
Ellie: Ok, ONE more song and den I have to go, ok?
Addie: Ok. Moon song!
Ellie: I see the moon and the moon sees me... Ok. Now I have to go to bed now. Remember da rules? Stay in your bed until I come to wake you up. Ok?
Addie: Ok. I you, La-La.
Ellie: I love you too. Sweet dreams Addie.

Ummm... Am I really needed for bed time anymore?

Friday, November 25, 2011

The family totem pole

Ellie: Mommy, I like Addie. Addie likes you. You like Daddy and Daddy likes football.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today I am thankful for hand-drawn turkeys, little hand prints and everything that is needed to make them.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Modern Parenting

So last spring played a little game to get rid of some of Ellie's stuffed animals. We put them all in a pile and then took turns picking one to keep and one to give away. Surprisingly it went really well. Mommy and Daddy managed to make sure that the toys that mattered to US were in the keep pile, and in the end we gave away half of her stuffed friends.

One that I was surprised she chose to give away was Timmy the Turtle. We asked her a few times "Are you sure?" and she said yes. We didn't have an issue with the missing animals until just a couple days ago when we were flipping through photos of my gnomes.

Ellie: Where is my turtle? I haven't seen him in a long time.
Mommy: Oh, do you remember? We gave him away to a child who couldn't afford to buy her own toys.
Ellie: But I miss him.
Mommy: You do?
Ellie: Can we get him back?
Mommy: No, he lives with another girl now who is so happy that you gave him to her.
Ellie: Can I see?
Mommy: Can you see what?
Ellie: Can I see da girl who has him now?
Mommy: Uh...

... (thank goodness for Google*)

Mommy: See? Look how happy she is.
Ellie: Can we ask her if I can have the turtle back?
Mommy: No, that wouldn't be very nice, but look how happy you made her feel!

Ok, so I'm not sure REALLY got it. It was hard for Ellie to see another girl happy with her beloved turtle, but I get the feeling she understood. The next couple days at school she told her teachers about the photo she saw and how she missed her turtle and she was sad, but she was glad that the girl was happy.

* The above photos were found on Random Shannon's blog. In case they get word of me using their photo, I thought I'd take a moment to say Thank You for helping me prove a point with my daughter. lol.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Blogging Relationships

A bit long-winded, but it's bound to happen occasionally...

One of the main reasons I first started blogging was to try to help keep my family close. At the time I lived in MD and we had immediate family members in VA, CO and OK. I figured that it would be easier for me to write a funny story once for all to see than for me to try to call every individual and repeat the story 4-5 times.

Warning... here comes an honest moment... at first I was disappointed in the fact that not everyone in my family jumped at the opportunity to hear the stories I wanted to share about the girls. I do not want to give any details, but let's just say it's not what I expected.

On the other hand, my blog has helped me maintain relationships I never thought I would. I know I have a few loyal readers, which I love, but even I am surprised by some of you. I once met a friend of an old friend and I'll be honest that it was a little akward having her know so much about me, considering we just met (she was so friendly, though - Che I'm sending you hugs). There is a girl who I once worked with who reads my blog. When she was in town, we met for breakfast and she joked about how she hopes we didn't think she was a stalker for knowing so much about my girls (Christina - here are hugs for you). And of course there is MJH. I wonder if he still reads, but I think of him at times hoping he's doing well.

Then there is my cousin, Andy. I just talked to him last night for the first time in years. I think the last time I saw him was at his brother's wedding nearly ten years ago. Ugh. How is that possible? I loved Andy and his family dearly growing up. I had a lot of cousins (26 w/o marriages on my mom's side and 10 on my dad's side) but his family was always special. I always assumed we'd stay in touch, but then life happens. We all grew up and started our own families and it always seems like there are too many people to keep in touch with and not enough time.

But I talked to him on the phone and it was so nice. So very very nice. It made me miss him and his brothers dearly and I found myself instantly trying to think of ways to bring them back into our lives again. He said sweet things like "you can consider my daughters to be your girls' cousins." It's so easy to "forget" about how wonderful the people in your lives are when they aren't around very often. And Andy and his family? They've always been wonderful.

What does this have to do with anything? Yes, I'm rambling. Deal with it. I guess the point is that as we were hanging up, Andy said something along the lines of "Before you go, I just want to let you know that we read your blog every day. Even though you may not feel like we're a part of your family, we feel like you're a part of ours. Seeing what is going on in your girls' lives makes us feel close to you. It makes us want to start a blog just so that you know what's going on with us. You're such an inspiration and you're a good mother."

I'm not sure Andy knows how rare it was to be able to hear any kind of response from me. I tend to not be able to talk and cry at the same time. It was so sweet. I had no idea that they kept up with my stories as much as they do and it puts a smile on my face. And tears in my eyes, but that's all good.

So though I may not be able to get around to keeping up with everyone that I'd like to, and though my blog hasn't turned out quite like I originally envisioned, I love knowing that it keeps me close to people even if I'm not aware of it.

As for Andy and his beautiful family, I think I'll take you up on that offer to consider your girls our cousins... I hope that we can actually build a relationship between our families. I would love to be able to keep in touch. I am so glad to know that you are there. Give your girls (all three of them) a hug for me.

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, November 18, 2011

Tiny Moments

I am thankful that my husband and I can still have moments of play. The other night at dinner, without saying a word, we found ourselves in a silly mini competition.

Mommy: (put a napkin on the tray)
Daddy: (put a napkin on the tray)
Mommy: (looks around... puts a straw wrapper on the tray)
Daddy: (looks around, put another piece of trash on the tray... smug look - he started it).
Mommy: (trash on tray, smug look)
Daddy: (trash on tray, smugger look)
Mommy: (spoon on tray, smugger look)
Daddy: (spoon on tray, smuggest look)
Addie: (So sad) My spoon. My spoon!

Doh, I guess we went a bit far in the clean up effort. I also guess you needed to be there.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Utensils 101

Ellie: But Mommy, I need a fork. I don't like using my spoon because my food rolls off. See?
Mommy: Maybe you should try to keep your elbow up so that your spoon stays flat.
Addie: (raising her RIGHT elbow as high as she can - nearly touching her ear, picks up her spoon with her LEFT hand and takes a bite) Like dis, La La. Like dis.

Go ahead... if you must, try to act out the scene so that you get the visual that may be necessary to get the laugh. Got it? Good. I'm laughing too.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Tender Moment

Mommy: I love you, Addie.
Addie: I you Mommy. Best fwiend!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dan Seals - a stroll down memory lane

I was never much for New Kids on the Block. No, if there was one singer/band that I was gaga over growing up, it was Dan Seals. I didn't think there could be a prettier or romantic song than "One Friend" and I thought "Bop" was by far the coolest thing to dance to. Just watching the videos again made me chuckle and feel young again.

I was so obsessed with Dan Seals that I even named one of my favorite stuffed animals after him...

Meet Dan Seals. He was by far one of my favorite stuffed animals when I was in elementary school. I have so many memories of laying on him like a pillow and putting on performances with him to his favorite songs (Bop, of course - we liked the same stuff). Well, the other day I pulled him out of the old box he was stored in.

I told Ellie that I was a little nervous because I didn't know if she would like him but that he was very very special to me. I played like I was really hesitant to show her my old friend, and I think she understood how special Dan Seals really was. I didn't have to worry, though, because she LOVED him from the very moment she laid eyes on him.

She has taken very good care of him since, as though they're going to be good friends for quite some time.

I've never seen Dan Seals quite so domesticated, but I've never seen him more happy either. Welcome back my old friend.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The power of a good hug

If you ever question the fact that negativity is contageous, spend a morning with a grumpy child and you will watch how the negativity spreads like a disease. Poor Addie is a little sick and hasn't been sleeping well. As such she's a little on the gumpy side. I suppose I should say she simply can't handle even the smallest thing not going her way. By the time we got the girls into the car, we were all exhausted and at our witts' end.

Addie: (crying)
Ellie: (crying) Addie crying has taken away all my energy. She just keeps emtpying my bucket until there is nothing left. She has taken away my ENTIRE ball of energy and I can't get it back.
Mommy: I'm going to put on some princess music to see if that gives me some more energy.
Ellie: But it doesn't work for me. I think my ball of energy is all gone and will never come back because Addie took it all from me.
Addie: NO DAN-DU, LA LA!!!
Mommy: I have an idea! Do you know what I really really need this morning?
Ellie: What?
Mommy: Like you and Addie, my energy is all gone. I need to do something that will fill my bucket and I think I know just the thing.
Ellie: What?
Mommy: As soon as we get into school we should all give each other a great big hug all at the same time. I bet that will fill my bucket. Do you think it will fill yours?
Ellie: No, I don't want to do that. I stink we need to do it as soon as we get out of the car.
Mommy: Outside in the cold?
Ellie: Yeah because I need it as soon possible!
Mommy: OK.
As soon as we got out of the car we did a little dance because it was so cold and then gathered for the biggest hug in history. It made us all chuckle because we almost fell over and we were so cold. Then we went inside.

Ellie: Did you know dat hugs spill out lots of energy? Dat's where energy comes from. If I ever run out of energy, I know dat a good hug is how I get it back.

Sigh. I hope that's something she will always remember.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

At the costume store...

Fully bearded man dressed in a pretty Alice in Wonderland dress comes up to us to see if we need any help...

Bearded man: Can I help you find anything?
Ellie: (quite confused) Is that man wearing a dress?
Bearded man: Yes I am. Don't you think I'm pretty?
Ellie: (relieved that she wasn't just being crazy) Yes. You look VERY pretty.
Bearded man: Why thank you.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Kaiser Commercial

I am loving the recent campaign that Kaiser Permenente has in their commercials. In particular, I like this one as it is perfect and makes me think I'm living life pretty well. I know my reason - my children. I have found my partner - my Niffer-boy husband. Granted I need to find my "healthy thing I actually love doing" but 2 of 3 isn't too shabby... I have potential.

"Where did you leave it? Where could it have possibly gone? did it get kicked under the bed next to your running shoes? Was it stolen at work? It's frustrating because you used to have your motivation with you all the time, and now? Ugh. That's ok. We'll help you find it. First, let's find your reason. You know, your reason? What's that thing that makes you want to live to an age where you can say whatever you want to whomever you want and somehow it becomes charming? Next, find your thing. What's that healthy thing you actually love doing? There has to be one, right? Finally, go find your partner. Who is the ping to your pong? The downward to your dog? Who will keep your butt moving and visa-versa? Find all those things and we're pretty sure your motivation will magically appear, but if you're still having trouble finding it, try looking really really hard in the mirror."

Hear the commercial here.

Monday, November 07, 2011


Mommy: Addie, can you say "Night Night" to your sister?
Addie: Night night sucker.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Two random moments of pride

The moments are countless. If you're a parent, you know what I mean. You find yourself staring in awe at your child and you're filled with pride for being able to take part in their lives.

Two recent moments I'd like to share with you...

Ellie: Mommy? What are you doing here?
Mommy: I came to pick Addie up to take her to the doctor.
Ellie: Can I come too?
Mommy: Do you want to come with us or do you want to stay here and play with your friends?
Ellie: Ummm... I really want to stay with my friends. Is that ok?
Mommy: Yep, and when we're done at the doctors, I'll come back and get you.
Ellie: Actually, Mommy. I was just thinking. Addie is going to need me. If she starts to cry because she is scared, she is going to need me to tell her it's ok. She needs me to show her how to be brave and how to like the doctor. Even dough I want to stay and play wif my friends, I think Addie needs me more. Is that ok?


We don't yell at Addie very often. It's not usually needed. Whenever we show disapprovment, she is quick to give an apologetic hug. The other day, though, I snapped at her for not listening to me in regards to being careful around the top of the stairs. I snapped at her and she took one look at me, stopped, turned around and headed away.

Without giving it much thought, I continued with what I was doing. After a few minutes I began to wonder where Addie had gone. I found her in her bed. In the dark. Just lying there looking sad.

Mommy: What are you doing? Why are you in your bed?
Addie: Aye-yine sad.
Mommy: Oh, are you sad because Mommy yelled at you?
Addie: Yes. Aye-yine stink.
Mommy: You're thinking?
Addie: Yeah.
Mommy: Do you need a moment to be sad by yourself?
Addie: Yeah.
Mommy: And then you can come out and be happy again?
Addie: Yeah. Mommy? Aye-yine stink.
Mommy: Ok, I'll leave you alone.
Addie: 'Tay.

Crazy for a four year old to pass up an opportunity to play and have fun with her friends to take care of her sister. Crazy. Crazy for a two-year old to quietly go into her room to think about her actions. Crazy.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Just Like Big Sister

Whether it be hopping...

... or spelling...

... little Miss Addie just loves to be just like her big sister.
Personally I think she chose wisely.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy 'Ween 2011

We spent Halloween with Ellie's best friend Brynn and her sister Lilah. Of course, everyone was quite excited so to burn off some of the pre-sugar energy, we spent quite a bit of time running around the yard. No worries, there was plenty of energy to go around even before the candy appeared in their bags.

Getting all four girls to stand still AND smile at the camera is no easy feat!

Especially when the younger ones only want to watch what their amazing silly sisters are doing.

But alas, we finally left to do some serious Trick-or-Treating. This was the third year that Ellie and Brynn have done this together and it's been really neat to watch them mature each year. This year they were both pros and had very little issues. If they were a little scared, they were able to make their way through it without any troubles. Lilah was usually bringing up the rear of the crowd but still loved to collect her candy.

And Addie? This was her first time out on Halloween and she's a natural! Even if something was a little scary, she didn't break down. She just repeated "Scary me! Scary me!" until I acknowledged that something was a little spooky. Then she was fine. Amazing and so very different than her older sister.

It took her no time at all to learn that the proper thing to say was "Trick or Treat" or "Happy Halloween!" OMG!!! The girl just couldn't be any cuter:

"Trick or Treat!"

"Happy 'Ween!"

I think these girls are all going to remain good friends for quite some time...

... Brynn and Ellie because they've always been together...

... and Lilah and Addie by default.

I hope your Halloween adventures today brought you as many smiles as mine.

Happy 'Ween to you!