Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Good Bye Preschool Addie

Well it has happened. There is no turning back. Not only is she no longer my little baby, but she's no longer even a little girl. Addie has officially graduated to being something much older and mature than I care to admit!

Look how tall and proud she stands? I hope she maintains that level of confidence. It makes my heart sing to see her shine.

I know the question you're all asking... What does little Miss Addie want to be when she grows up? A teacher, apparently! Whoop! Whoop! I thought for sure she was going to say the Tooth Fairy, just like Mommy.

I know, I know. We're all just a wee bit surprised at how quickly this one snuck up on us!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mother's Day Tea

I believe this was the 4th or 5th year that we've done the afternoon tea at Celestial Seasonings for Mother's Day. As simple as it sounds, I really don't think I could ever want anything more. I'm so blessed.

Sleepy Time family... gotta smile.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Spring follows Winter

Now I need to search for my summer & autumn barns!

Wednesday, May 06, 2015


Gramma took us to see Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat. Though I think the humor in seeing the Pharaoh being played by Elvis, or their being a biblical country western song, they still enjoyed every second of the play. It makes me excited about future shows we'll see with them! It seems as though people always remember their first real Broadway show and that it's the one that leaves the fondest memory imprint. For me, it was Miss Saigon. For Michael it was Phantom of the Opera. I wonder what their favorite one will be.

The girls got a kick out of the reactions that the other kids had for their headdresses. Gramma was always confident that Aunt Erin's old dance costumes would come in handy someday! Haha.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015


She wants them so badly! She makes me smile. I remember once wanting freckles so bad that I marked up my face and was heartbroken when no one believed they were real.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Hello Hello

I haven't been blogging much lately. My excuse is that Michael keeps taking the computer on travel with him, and he's been traveling A LOT lately. You might be wondering just how much "a lot" really is. In the duration of 3 months, he has 12+ trips scheduled. And that just gets us through May. I don't know what June brings, but I know July is much the same. Honestly I don't keep track of it too much. "Oh, you're leaving this week? OK. When do you leave and when do you return?" I try not to lay the guilt trip on him because I know it's hard for him too. It is what it is and life still manages to be good.

On the bright side, this means lots of travel miles! We're taking the girls to Paris around Christmas and we managed to get 3 of the 4 tickets for free! And we have enough miles for another ticket to Europe. Whoop Whoop!

No, it's not really about the miles. My point is this... Even when things don't go quite perfectly or quite how you'd like them to, why not make the most of the situation? Life is too good to complain.

And now, I'll try to catch up a bit on my blogging... though I'll plea guilty for blogging about Ellie's birthday LONG after the special day, even though it's dated appropriately. Shhh.... Don't tell anyone.

Friday, May 01, 2015

Bring Your Child to Work Day

She insisted that Mommy wear a hat to match her. Something tells me that not a single one of my colleagues were surprised by that.