Friday, August 28, 2015

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vincent Van Gogh

ADDIE: Mommy did you know that when it's night time, the sky isn't really black?
MOMMY: What do you mean?
ADDIE: It's just looks black but it's really dark dark dark blue.
MOMMY: Oh really?
ADDIE: Yeah. The night time is filled with lots of colors even though lots of people think it's always black.
ADDIE: I wish I could go to a place where I can see all the city lights at night time!
MOMMY: Oh? We could do that! That would be fun!
ADDIE: If I could, I would paint all the colors of the night!
MOMMY: Do you know who you remind me of?
MOMMY: There was once a famous painter named Vincent Van Gogh who painted the night time.
ADDIE: He did?
MOMMY: And he was the first one to do it! Before him, everyone thought the night time was too dark to have any pretty colors.
ADDIE: But they were wrong!
MOMMY: Yep, Vincent Van Gogh knew that there were lots of colors in the night time and so he painted them.
ADDIE: Can I see?

MOMMY: This one is his most famous painting. It's called Starry Night. See how he painted the beautiful colors of the sky, even though everyone is sleeping in the village below?
ADDIE: WOW! Mommy, see? I told you!

MOMMY: And this one is also called Starry Night, I think.
ADDIE: Oh! I like the reflections in the water!
MOMMY: Yep, it's another example of how he saw lots of colors in the dark dark dark night.

MOMMY: Here's another one. It's a painting of a cute cafe in France. See how even though it's night time, he still painted lots of colors from the lights and people's windows?
ADDIE: And look at all the colors in the rocks!

MOMMY: I think there might be another reason why you're like Vincent Van Gogh.

MOMMY: Look at this other painting that he's famous for.
ADDIE: (GASP!) Oh Mommy! It's sunflowers! Really! Look!

MOMMY: Sometimes it's hard for me to like art, but I've always liked Vincent Van Gogh's paintings.
ADDIE: Me too! He's my favorite! He sees things just like I do!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bubble Bouncing

Sometimes it's the little things...

... that give us the biggest smiles!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Little Pianist

Just look at this girl! Isn't she beautiful?

This is Addie's first piano recital and at the age of 5 (almost 6), she was by far the youngest student to perform. She even did a duet with her teacher, who later explained how hard a duet can be because it takes a lot of concentration.

I love seeing how proud Addie is with her progress and her confidence is priceless. She LOVES taking piano lessons!

This was my favorite song that she played. I am looking forward to seeing how far she will take her piano lessons. If the older students are any indication, Addie could be quite the pianist in a couple of years!

A big "Thank you!" to Addie's piano teacher. Addie adores her and even tried to convince us to let her have a sleepover at her piano teacher's house some time.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Addie's first day of Kindergarten

And it was "really really really great!"

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sunflower Girl

Addie has always been my sunflower girl, ever since we took pictures next to sunflowers when I was pregnant with her. She loves the bright flowers so much that every time she sees one, she is sure to show me. There is no doubt in her mind that these flowers are special because of her.

So today when I went for my morning walk I grabbed a sunflower from along the path. It made me smile to think about how she would react when I gave her the sunflower. Funny thing, though, she never gave me the chance to give it to her. As soon as she saw the sunflower sitting in its glass, she started to flip. She was so excited and ran around, jumping squealing with delight, repeatedly saying "Sunflower! Sunflower! Sunflower!" If you had seen it, you would have laughed too.

To add to the moment, we thought we'd drive out East to see a field of sunflowers. The hope was to take lots of really pretty sunset photos, but in that regard it was a bit of a disappointment. The sky was filled with smoke from the national fires going on right now, and the flowers were mostly spent. Next year we'll try to find a field during the first week of August. Just you wait!

None the less, Addie still loved the big flowers. It was the first time she saw the big ones in person, but she's been asking to see them for quite some time now.

Of course, Ellie wasn't one to be left out too. She makes me laugh.

Monday, August 17, 2015


Camping is more and more fun every we go. I really love how much we all enjoy spending time together. The girls said there isn't anything more special than time with family. Do you hear my heart sing?

What's even better is that the girls are getting big enough that they don't complain about our long hikes or being too tired or too hot or too cold or too hungry. They just went with the flow and as a result we all had more fun for it.

On our walks I'd stop and say "Point to something purty!" and everyone would point in a different direction. It's not hard to find something pretty when you're camping.

One of my favorite aspects about this camping trip was Addie's imagination. This girl is incredible. A pathway lined with rocks wasn't just the route to the toilets. It was a magical pathway lined with happy rocks. Just walking down the path gives you good luck and gives you happy things. The sounds of nature weren't just birds singing and leaves rustling in the breeze. That's nature's music you're listening to, and it's music that makes people want to get up and dance. And this photo? She turned a plain pine cone with a few leaves and seeds, and turned it into a pine cone buddy.

I can't help but smile.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Third eye

Addie explains her third eye...
"Did you know that I can see dragons for real? Do you want to know how? I have 3 eyes! No, really, I do!  These two I see the things around me, but I have one right here on my head too.  It looks inside of me. It can see my imagination and the things I dream about. That's how I can see the things on my head even if no one else can see them!  My third eye is very magical that way!"

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Sometimes you need to break the rules

The girls returned today after visiting Gramma for a few days. I missed them so and I could tell that they missed me as well.

In tucking Ellie into bed I had a hunch that she needed more time with me. The fact that she wouldn't let go of my hand was a pretty good hint.

So what did I do? The only solution I could think of was to invite her to join me on my evening walk.

We spent the next hour walking 5,752 steps around the neighborhood, nearly 2.6 miles,chatting the entire time.

It was just what I needed and I am willing to bet that even though she ended up going to bed 2 hours after her bedtime, Ellie would say the same.

I sure do love spending time with that girl.