Thursday, August 27, 2015

Vincent Van Gogh

ADDIE: Mommy did you know that when it's night time, the sky isn't really black?
MOMMY: What do you mean?
ADDIE: It's just looks black but it's really dark dark dark blue.
MOMMY: Oh really?
ADDIE: Yeah. The night time is filled with lots of colors even though lots of people think it's always black.
ADDIE: I wish I could go to a place where I can see all the city lights at night time!
MOMMY: Oh? We could do that! That would be fun!
ADDIE: If I could, I would paint all the colors of the night!
MOMMY: Do you know who you remind me of?
MOMMY: There was once a famous painter named Vincent Van Gogh who painted the night time.
ADDIE: He did?
MOMMY: And he was the first one to do it! Before him, everyone thought the night time was too dark to have any pretty colors.
ADDIE: But they were wrong!
MOMMY: Yep, Vincent Van Gogh knew that there were lots of colors in the night time and so he painted them.
ADDIE: Can I see?

MOMMY: This one is his most famous painting. It's called Starry Night. See how he painted the beautiful colors of the sky, even though everyone is sleeping in the village below?
ADDIE: WOW! Mommy, see? I told you!

MOMMY: And this one is also called Starry Night, I think.
ADDIE: Oh! I like the reflections in the water!
MOMMY: Yep, it's another example of how he saw lots of colors in the dark dark dark night.

MOMMY: Here's another one. It's a painting of a cute cafe in France. See how even though it's night time, he still painted lots of colors from the lights and people's windows?
ADDIE: And look at all the colors in the rocks!

MOMMY: I think there might be another reason why you're like Vincent Van Gogh.

MOMMY: Look at this other painting that he's famous for.
ADDIE: (GASP!) Oh Mommy! It's sunflowers! Really! Look!

MOMMY: Sometimes it's hard for me to like art, but I've always liked Vincent Van Gogh's paintings.
ADDIE: Me too! He's my favorite! He sees things just like I do!

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