Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Sunflower Girl

Addie has always been my sunflower girl, ever since we took pictures next to sunflowers when I was pregnant with her. She loves the bright flowers so much that every time she sees one, she is sure to show me. There is no doubt in her mind that these flowers are special because of her.

So today when I went for my morning walk I grabbed a sunflower from along the path. It made me smile to think about how she would react when I gave her the sunflower. Funny thing, though, she never gave me the chance to give it to her. As soon as she saw the sunflower sitting in its glass, she started to flip. She was so excited and ran around, jumping squealing with delight, repeatedly saying "Sunflower! Sunflower! Sunflower!" If you had seen it, you would have laughed too.

To add to the moment, we thought we'd drive out East to see a field of sunflowers. The hope was to take lots of really pretty sunset photos, but in that regard it was a bit of a disappointment. The sky was filled with smoke from the national fires going on right now, and the flowers were mostly spent. Next year we'll try to find a field during the first week of August. Just you wait!

None the less, Addie still loved the big flowers. It was the first time she saw the big ones in person, but she's been asking to see them for quite some time now.

Of course, Ellie wasn't one to be left out too. She makes me laugh.

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