Monday, August 24, 2015

Little Pianist

Just look at this girl! Isn't she beautiful?

This is Addie's first piano recital and at the age of 5 (almost 6), she was by far the youngest student to perform. She even did a duet with her teacher, who later explained how hard a duet can be because it takes a lot of concentration.

I love seeing how proud Addie is with her progress and her confidence is priceless. She LOVES taking piano lessons!

This was my favorite song that she played. I am looking forward to seeing how far she will take her piano lessons. If the older students are any indication, Addie could be quite the pianist in a couple of years!

A big "Thank you!" to Addie's piano teacher. Addie adores her and even tried to convince us to let her have a sleepover at her piano teacher's house some time.

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