Thursday, April 30, 2009

Names: Round Two

I'm torn on whether or not I want to find out the gender of the baby. And this time it's up to me. I'll admit that it was a lot of fun not knowing last time, and I'd recommend it to anyone. But this time? I'm just not sure.

I guess it doesn't actually come down to what gender the baby is, though, because I'm terrified of either. Let me re-word that. I'm terrified of naming either.

Last time we had such a hard time picking names (I'm assuming most parents do). The boy's name was the worst. We ended up picking Keegan, but neither of us like it anymore. AT ALL. How would be be able to go through that again if the baby is a boy?

And Ellie's name? We LOVE Ellie's name, but how are we going to come up with another girl's name that we like just as much? We stumbled upon Ellie's name just out of chance. When I google it, I find references to some South American singer, but I've never seen it elsewhere. It's not on any of the baby names sites or even social security sites. It's not in any books. If that's the case, then how do I find an equivalent name for this baby?

Ugh. This baby is going to be named Maux after all because if I can't find a name I like just as much as Ellie's, then I might as well pick one that came from a funny story!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

4-worded sentences

I'm sure most mothers try really hard to not compare their child to other children, but I'm also sure that when the occasional comment about how awesome their child is presents itself, they take it to heart and think "I *knew* she was better!"

Is that tacky? Oh, come on. I think it's has to be normal. I hope it's normal. If not, then I'm just a big mean Mommy who thinks the world revolves around Ellie. Are you trying to say it doesn't? =)

The other day we had our two year check-up and I was filling out the survey to determine if Ellie's progress was normal. I responded "Always" to almost all the questions, but the section that really took me by surprise was the communication section.

Does your child use 1 or 2 three-worded or four-worded sentences?

Huh? Only one or two? Here are a few examples of sentences that Ellie has spoken in the last couple of days:

- Bye Mernin. I go to skool.
- Daddy rides bus work.
- I need a poon.
- I no fee good.
- I watch baby vido?
- Daddy, I see garbage tuck!
- I see it now?
- I see yucky poo-poo?
- No! Lala do it now.
- I no like potoes.
- I push da buttons.
- I push wearry wearry hard.
- No, let's go dis way.
- I lay down stairs.
- Warm mak bottle pease.
- No pants, wear pjs?
- Read da mouse book?
- I sit on da foor y ook at dit.
- Cold - I need a dacket.
- Daddy as siver poon. Lala as geen poon.
- No, I wan pink kwoc shoes.
- I wanna drive geen car!

I've kind of suspected that she speaks better than many other two year olds. The little girl who was born on the same day as Ellie spoke similarly (it was actually quite impressive how much we understood her because she spoke with the same mannerisms as Ellie), but there have been many more children who don't speak hardly at all. It's kind of hard for me to compare, though, because some of them are a little younger and I don't trust my memories of what Ellie was like a couple months ago. However, there are also those who are older and still making more grunting sounds to get what they want.

Anyway, I've always suspected that she speaks more than average, but the doctor confirmed it. Just in the few things that Ellie said in front of her (things like "I go home now" and "No more doctor pease"), the doctor said "Wow! She's definitely talking better than I would expect at this age."

So there you go. Proof that Ellie is awesome. And if you still doubt me, just ask. I'll provide references. =)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Big Girl Room

So it's not quite a finished product, but I figured it was close enough to post pictures of Ellie's big girl room. The two walls above her bed are a little busy but I think I like them.
Here is a close-up of one of the four pictures hanging above her wall. Ellie and I made a bunch of pictures of butterflies and flowers using her hand prints and foot prints (there is one butterfly that has my hand prints as well). I think it turned out cute and Ellie seems to be proud of the fact that her hands are worthy of being framed.
A close-up of the bed with the "Luke Father" butterfly pillow and a pillow that Grandma made when Ellie was born. I really like the quilt I ended up getting. Note the picture of Ellie and her best friend on the nightstand.
Here is the room looking the other direction, complete with more butterflies, a chalkboard, and garden stuff on the shelf. Ellie likes her new bookshelf and how she can pick out her books every night.
Here is a close-up of the butterflies on the wall. I tried to make them look like they were flying out of the water can. I think it goes without saying that Ellie's room has more stuff on her walls than I've ever put up in a single room before, but I suppose whatever goes up can also come down.
And finally, the least finished part of the room. Now would be a good time for me to list the things I'm still hoping to do to the room:

1. Picket fence headboard
2. Curtains
3. Framing pieces of lace that Ellie's great grandma made
4. Cross stitch with a girl looking at a butterfly on a branch of flowers
5. Growth chart on her door or door frame
6. Toddler rocking chair

So, other than it being brighter than you probably imagined... what do you think?

Monday, April 27, 2009

So grown-up

Recently I've been noticing a change in the way in which Ellie speaks. For one, she's been repeating every sentence we say, but that seems to have created an unexpected side-effect.

She now says more herself, and it's more than just stating the obvious. She has now come up with explanations and questions. I'm not sure if I can put my finger on the difference, but let me give you a couple examples.

Getting her dressed the other day I wanted her to wear a cute ladybug dress.
Ellie: No nadybug dress.
Mommy: You don't want to wear the ladybug dress? Why not?
Ellie: Is too big. (instead of just repeating "no nadybug dress")
Mommy: You're too big for the dress?
Ellie: No. Is too big.
Mommy: The dress is too big for you?
Ellie: Yeah.
Mommy: What about this one?
Ellie: No. Is too big.
Mommy: How about the one with the polka-dots?
Ellie: Ok Mommy.

At breakfast Mommy didn't believe Daddy that his method of making oatmeal was tasty (he just eats plain oats in cold milk).
Ellie: Oat-mak pease. (cute - oatmilk)
Daddy: You want a bite of oatmeal? Here you go.
Mommy: I can't believe she likes that stuff.
Daddy: Here, taste it. It's good. (Mommy takes a bite)
Ellie: Mommy, nummy? (instead of saying her normal "Mommy's turn")
Mommy: Mmmmm, yes. It is yummy. (in a chalky sort of way)
Ellie: Nummy oat-mak.

Do you see the subtle difference? I'm not sure it's noticeable to anyone else, but it's definitely something we've been seeing a lot lately. She also understands the need for past-tense because she'll say things like "I maked it!" She also has many full sentences like "I need a knife." I swear it's not what you think!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Maybe I can start remembering now

My sweet husband got me a year's worth of massages and yesterday I had my second one. I did lay on my tummy during the massage but it will probably be the last time because my tummy is growing so much.

But exciting news! I felt the baby move! I'm 15 weeks pregnant so the timing is just about right. I tried to look up when I first felt Ellie move but all I could find was a post about doubting myself at 14 weeks. I'm guessing the following couple weeks were filled with "Is that the baby or is that gas?"

But this time I know. It's not gas. However, it doesn't even feel like an upset tummy like it did last time. This time it felt more like a parasite crawling inside me. Doesn't that sound cute and cuddly?

Anyway, I decided to go all out. I felt the baby move yesterday so today I'm wearing my favorite pregnancy shirt (with the baby on the tummy) for all the world to see. Maybe if I start really announcing it, combined with feeling the baby move, I will actually remember that I'm pregnant once in a while. What a novel idea.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby's size today V

4 inches long - the size of an apple.

One step ahead of Mommy

I'm not sure who is staying ahead of who, but Ellie is constantly challenging me. I say this in a good way. I love how she comes up with new ideas or asks for more details and explanations. An example?

Candy. It used to be that if Ellie wanted more candy all I had to do was tell her that it was all gone and nothing was left. Then she started to ask "I see all gone candy?" THE GIRL WANTED PROOF!!! And yes, I shamelessly admit that I once poured a bunch of M&Ms into my lap so that I could show her the empty bag.

She's a smart cookie.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Family Curse

Do you remember how I once had a very pleasant morning? Most mornings are somewhat similar. If not perfect, then at least it's still close to that end of the spectrum.

This morning, though, imagine the complete opposite. Imagine a morning where instead of wearing the dress Mommy picked out, you convince her to let you wear brown pants, only to realize that the dress is really prettier, but it's too late. Now you don't want to wear either. Imagine a world where all you want to do is stay in bed and suck on Bun-Bun but grown-ups force you away. Bun-Bun can not come where you are going. Imagine compromising by agreeing to watch a baby video but grown-ups insist that there is only enough time to watch it twice. Imagine breakfast with green eggs (from adding pesto) instead of yellow eggs. Imagine what it would be like to be given kiwi when you really wanted grapes. Imagine how mad it would make you if someone ate *YOUR* kiwi even if you had no intention of eating it yourself. Imagine going back to your bed for support from Bun-Bun, finally finding some peace and comfort in the morning, only to be forced away again. Imagine having to go to school when you just wanted to stay in bed, only to find some other kid see-sawing with your best friend. Then when your best friend starts to see-saw with you, she picks the wrong end of the horse to sit on. Imagine how you would feel when your screams start to make your best friend cry and make all the other kids around you stare at you in shock. Don't you hate it when they stare? Then, if you possibly can... imagine seeing your mom upset before leaving. Why would she leave you in such a state? Can't the two of you just go home and lay in bed with Bun-Bun?

Can you imagine it? It's not a pretty sight is it?

Now add to that the family curse. I'll let you in on a well-known secret. Everyone in my family was born without the ability to cry and talk at the same time. We've always joked about it. If one of us suddenly grows quiet on the other end of the phone, we know why. But it's no laughing matter when you are a young toddler just trying to sort through the mass amount of emotions you feel.

That's actually the one comment that the teachers made at parent-teacher conferences. They said that it takes a lot to calm Ellie down when she's upset and that she can't seem to "use her words". Even more so than the other kids. I didn't think about the connection until this morning, but I realize that Ellie probably inherited the same family curse.

The poor thing. Maybe next time I'll take the day off and let her stay in bed with Bun-Bun. Doesn't that sound nice and comforting?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Aunt Erin has buttons too

Laying in bed with Aunt Erin, Ellie was telling her about all her buttons.

Ellie: Belly button.
Mommy: Look, Aunt Erin, it's Ellie's belly button.
Erin: Oh!
Ellie: An-o-da button (pointing down between her legs).
Mommy: Aunt Erin, Ellie has another button.
Erin: Oh? (not sure what else to say)
Mommy: Aunt Erin has one of those too (getting a kick out of Erin's response).
Ellie: I see Erin button?
Mommy: You want to see Erin's button?
Erin: (silent)
Mommy: See? (showing Ellie Aunt Erin's *BELLY* button)

Afterwards I went into the next room, where I found Daddy laying on Ellie's big girl bed (we love that thing)...

Daddy: I do not want to know which button Erin showed her.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Introduction to Baby

We haven't really told Ellie anything about the baby that we're expecting. We figure it won't mean much to her until it's closer and I'm showing more. We might take advantage of the 20 week ultrasound to show her, but we haven't really decided.

However, she was introduced to the concept a week and a half ago. I had some friends over, one of which is super pregnant.

Mommy: Look, Ellie, there's a baby in Kay's tummy!
Ellie: I see? (lifting Kay's shirt) Baby! (patting Kay's tummy)
Mommy: Yep, baby.
Kay: Just like Mommy. Mommy has a baby in her tummy too. (not knowing we hadn't said anything before)
Ellie: (looking confused) Baby? (patting my boob)
Mommy: Nope, not there. It's in my tummy.
Ellie: I see? (lifting Mommy's shirt)
Mommy: You want to see the baby?
Ellie: I see baby! (looking into Mommy's belly button)
Mommy: You do?
Ellie: Yeah! Hi baby!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ellie!

Today you are two years old. How can that be? It seems like just yesterday I would rock you to sleep in my arms. Now you are so grown up!

You are such a big person in a world that expects you to be so small. You try to take it all in, examining a situation before making up your mind on which opinion you will take away with you. You know what you like. Your favorite activities are jumping on balloons and attending French class. You also love to sing, play tea-party, house, and being a mommy to your dolls. You love the slide at the park and are always proud of yourself when you climb to the top by yourself. You like watching older kids and trying to do the things they do. You do not let your age or size hold you back. You are so passionate. You give great bear hugs and cry great big tears.

You are so smart. You can count to ten in both English and French, sing many songs, name all your colors, recognize a handful of letters and speak just about any word (and many sentences) you need. You and your best friend invented a game at school where you converted a rocking horse to a see-saw, and the two of you waste no time in starting in on the fun. You even have all the bigger kids wanting to join in!

You have lots of friends and get along with just about any one, but the one you like the most is Brynn. You also like to spend time with your family. Grandma and Nana are favorites. Whenever Aunt Erin is in town, you can't get enough of her and you often ask if Uncle David can join us in playing.

You have lots of toys - mostly stuffed animals. Your favorites are Penguin, Mr. Bear, Monkey and of course, Naked Baby. You believe that all sheep belong in your room. Bun-Bun is still number one, though she now stays in your bed. You no longer need her during the day, or even at daycare!

Like I said, you are growing up so quickly and in the wise words of Daddy, "I like that little girl." You are the light of our lives and we love watching you enjoy life to the fullest like you do. Whenever I ask "Do you know who Mommy and Daddy love?" you respond with a very confident "Lyla!" and you couldn't be more right.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baby's size today IV

I have a lemon inside of me - a lemon who can suck his thumb and pee. Mmm... lemon pee. I think that must be the grossest thing about pregnancy. Ok, now that I gave myself a few seconds to think about it, I can think of a couple other gross things. But the fact remains, knowing that my baby will continue to urinate inside of me for the next six months is just plain gross.

Happy (belated) Easter

I'm sorry but I don't really have time to write much today. There are too many things to do with everyone in town for Ellie's birthday tomorrow. HOLY COW!!!

But to keep you happy, here are some pictures (and videos) of Easter. Sorry I kept you waiting.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Best Buds

Because this week is so busy, I was trying hard to hold off on posting this until next week, but I can't help it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures. So, here you go... Hopefully you can forgive me for posting twice in one day.

Ellie and her best friend are quite something. They have so much fun together. Here are some pictures of their latest game. When they see each other every morning, their faces light up and they can't wait to start see-sawing. It's the most adorable thing I think I have ever seen.

These girls invented a new game!
At school, it's the first thing they do every morning.
They refuse to see-saw with anyone else.
But they have all the kids joining in.
Two adorable little girls, both in pig-tails!
They just don't make them any cuter!
These girls have so much fun together.
They really are best buddies.

Wordless Wednesday VI

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Daddy named you

Last night we were talking about baby names for the new one. It was more like I was *hoping* to talk about it, but at least the topic came up. We were talking about different types of names (unique vs. traditional) and different spellings (unique vs. common vs. ethnic). I told him in general I liked the unique names, but would pick the most common spelling regardless of what name I picked.

Moving on...

I admitted to Michael that I was scared of the baby being a boy because we had such a hard time coming up with a boy's name last time. Yet I am scared of the baby being a girl because I can't imagine finding a name I like as much as Ellie's. I told him that leaves one option: We have to have a gender-neutral baby.

Daddy: I'd rather not go that way, but we should name the baby Mo.
Mommy: Mo? That's horrible.
Daddy: (smiling) And we'll spell it M-A-U.
Mommy: You forgot the "x".
Daddy: (laughing) M-A-U-X. Maux. That's awesome! Can we name the baby Maux?
Mommy: We'd be telling the baby you named him.
Daddy. Maux. Awesome. Let's do it!
Mommy: I'll give you the next best thing.
Daddy: What's that?
Mommy: I'll blog about it.
Daddy: Deal.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Let it be known

I love my little girl more than anyone, including myself, can ever know. I can not imagine how horrible it must be to lose a child - to lose Ellie? I need to leave work right now and give her a big hug.


Ok, so this is a couple days old. Thank goodness nothing quite like this happened last night. Actually, over all it went well. Bun Bun went overboard once and then Ellie woke up a couple times complaining about "falling down". I think after Bun Bun fell off the bed she was scared it would happen to her too.

Anyway... from last week:

Up until last night I would say that Ellie is a pretty good sleeper. She usually goes to bed with little fuss and then sleeps through the entire night. We recently started to have to keep her door cracked open, but both my husband and I remember wanting our doors open when we were young too, so I think that's reasonable.

Then last night hit us. It was horrible.

Ellie didn't sleep. Instead she spent the majority of the night saying "Mom-meee. Mom-mee" over and over again for 5-10 minutes straight. Then she'd stop, giving us a false hope of it being over. 15-20 minutes later she would start it up again. It was like she was waiting *just* long enough to let us to almost fall back to sleep. If it weren't for the fact that I was specifically paying attention to the clock, I wouldn't believe she did that for most of the night. We didn't want to go in there because she wasn't upset, but she just WOULD NOT stop!

Tell me - why? WHY? WHY WOULDN'T SHE STOP TALKING???? And tell me I don't have to fear the consequences of her only getting a few hours of sleep (seriously I'm guessing 3-4 hours - tops, instead of her normal 11-12). We're doomed. So doomed. This may be the very last time you ever hear from Niffer. DOOMED I TELL YOU!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Big Girl Bed 1

Oh my god. I certainly did not wake up this morning with the knowledge that last night would be the last night with Ellie sleeping in a crib! But alas, here we are. The crib is down. The big girl bed is made. Ellie is ecstatic! She loves jumping on the bed and running around her room. Let's hope that's not a glimpse of what tonight holds for us. ACK!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Mor Dums Pease!

WARNING: If you happen to be Ellie's Daddy, DO NOT continue to read this post!

Finally, Daddy gets a break from his nightmare he's been in for the last month or so. About a month ago Ellie's grandma was nice enough to give us a CD filled with Bear Songs. It's been her favorite since. It has also caused Michael all sorts of torment.

Two songs in particular haunt him in his sleep: "Backpack Tree" (about how backpacks are a bear's favorite thing to eat) and "I can't wait to hibernate" (about how a few months of sleeping makes a bear feel great).

But there is hope. Apparently Ellie likes Paul Simon. Do you hear the angels singing hallelujah? I'm sure Daddy does. Don't you think it's a little weird that the very first NON children's song artist that Ellie likes is Paul Simon? More specifically, she LOVES the drums. Many of the songs on his Graceland CD have great drums and she likes it a lot - especially when we point out the many drums to her by taping along with the beat ourselves. The way we figure it, ANYTHING that can be done to get her to like this music, we'll do it!

In particular, her favorite song now seems to be "Call Me Al." I can't say I blame her. It's a great song.

So... What other artists use a lot of drums? LOTS OF DRUMS! MORE DRUMS!

Please, help us! For Daddy's mental sake!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Baby's size today III

Today my baby is the size of a medium shrimp. They make it sound so sweet. A shrimp, who, by the way, has all her eggs already (assuming it's a girl). I recall that being one of the statistics that blew me away last time too. 13 weeks into the pregnancy and a baby girl fetus already has all her eggs. Insane.

New blog - trial period

I had multiple friends (who, as far as I know, do not know each other) send me a link to a their "favorite mom" blog, where the lady wrote a post about vaccinations. Naturally, these friends of mine thought of me when they read it. LOL. Go figure. Oh, did I tell you that I quit the Boulder mom's yahoo group and started my own? Yeah, that apparently has made me quite the celebrity.

Anyway, here is the new blog. I haven't read enough yet to know if I like it, but I'm always fascinated when I'm introduced to a blog that manages to get hundreds and hundreds of comments on a single post. This one seems to be like Amalah on crack. She actually has to CLOSE comments to any given post! Insane!

If I end up liking the blog, I'll add it to my list on the right. Let me know if you end up liking it yourself.


Some things are inherited. This I just have to accept, and poor Ellie will have to learn to deal with it herself. The last time Daddy went out of town for business, I learned that I was even more like my mom than I thought I was.

I recall one time when my mom was spending time with us and found a mouse. I don't want to details, but I do recall putting Ellie into bed and hearing Grandma squeal while she was putting the mouse outside. She made the neighborhood dogs bark, and in turn Ellie started barking. Funny stuff.

So, unfortunately I've inherited this trait from my mom, which I only found out recently. Apparently up until this episode, I've been lucky enough to have someone else around to deal with these scary creatures, so I never knew I had a problem with them. But meet Mr. Mouse. We discovered Mr. Mouse when Ellie wanted to take a bath in Mommy's tub. He provided lots of entertainment for Ellie, both in the thrill of seeing a mouse, and in the thrill of seeing Mommy not know what to do about it.

Oh my god! He's looking RIGHT at me! Stay calm. Stay calm, Niffer. We do not want Ellie thinking the mouse is dangerous or anything. There's no point in giving her nightmares yet. But, between you and me, I'm telling you, this guy isn't as cute and fuzzy as he is in pictures.

And here you see evidence that Mr. Mouse is planning how his mission to accomplish world domination. Look at the way he's clawing at that innocent butterfly's eyes! Evil.

If only Ellie was in this picture. I'm surprised she's not. She's leaning over the tub and Mr. Mouse is tricking her into thinking she should reach out and help him escape.

In the end, Mommy put Ellie to bed and captured Mr Mouse to put him outside. The following day Ellie ran to the tub to see the mouse again and came running back to say:

Ellie: Shhh! Mouse seeping!
Mommy: The mouse is sleeping? Show me? (Mommy is confused because Mommy KNOWS she was brave enough to put the mouse outside herself - Daddy wasn't around to do it).
Ellie: Yeah! I see? (leading Mommy to the bathtub).

Sure enough, there was Mr. Mouse (or his friend). Dead. No, wait. Sleeping. Ellie once again reminded Mommy to be quiet so not to wake the mouse. What a sweet little girl. And what a gross dead mouse. I bet he was faking it.


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Oh dear. Look what you started.

My wonderful husband found the following wall stickers. Adorable!

But I don't think he realizes what he started. Not only does this mean I have to re-evaluate what I had in mind for Ellie's room, but I'm also obsessed about finding wall stickers to decorate every room in the house!

Look at this one. I'd love to do a picket fence headboard for Ellie, but I wonder if doing a wall mural would be easier?

Ack! There are so many wonderful ideas! How do you choose?

Wordless Wednesday V

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ellie Funt, get it?

Sometimes I do something that later makes me think "that was not my smartest moment" and other times I fail to notice something that later makes me think "how could I NOT see that?"

Last night was one of the latter.

We recently got a book from Cracker's mom called "Ellie's Tea Party." Ellie loves it.

Basically it's about Ellie Funt wanting to throw a tea party and what all her friends bring to the party. For quite some time, though, I found myself not reading the entire sentences. I thought that it seemed like such an odd name to give the character, so I would only say "Ellie" and skip the "Funt".

Do you see where I'm going with this story? Can you guess what kind of character Ellie might be? Here's a picture of Ellie and her friend Witzy:

Yep. Ellie Funt is an elephant. This I knew. It's hard to look at the picture and fail to notice she's an elephant. But it wasn't until I overheard Daddy reading the book that I realized where Ellie gets her last name. Funt. Ellie Funt. Get it?

OH MY GOD. I'm such an idiot. I think I've read the book dozens of times and always thought Funt was such a stupid last name. Someone, just flick my forehead for me please.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Bedding: The winner

I won't bother to show you all the bedding that I considered for Ellie's room (I'm trying to limit myself to being crazy like that for only baby nurseries), but I will show you the result.
It's not quite our number 1 pick, but when taking into consideration things like price and available stock, this is what we ended up with. I like it a lot, though, maybe even more than the others. I like how the flowers give the quilt a sense of irregularity. I wish there were butterflies on the quilt, but I still plan to add those to the room decor. I also love how many colors there are, so it should be easy to decorate around. I'll be sure to post pictures of the result.

On a related note, we took Ellie to look at big girl furniture. She had so much fun! I think she now believes that a big girl bed is like a jungle gym play set because her favorite beds were the ones way up high, where she had to climb a ladder or stairs to reach the bed. She did a lot of jumping, pretending to sleep and even reading books on the beds in the showroom. It was pretty cute, and for the rest of the evening she talked about her future big girl bed.

I hope she's not disappointed because we're not getting one of those sets. We loved them, but they're so much more expensive. Maybe we'll get her a loft bed when she's older?

We also got her a butterfly pillow for her new room. It's become her new favorite friend and she likes to carry it around by its antenna. I'm hoping that she'll be excited with the room that matches her new butterfly friend.

And since this post really isn't all that cute or funny (it is Monday morning, after all), I will end with this: When we asked Ellie what her butterfly's name was, she said, in as deep of a voice as she could, "Luke Fader." How random is that? Funny as heck, but still random. It reminds me of That's Some Pig's little girl imitating her father when he says "Luke, I am your father" whenever he has something in front of his mouth. These little ones always surprise us with laughter, don't they?

Friday, April 03, 2009

Big girl bedding fiasco

You'd think that the task of finding a cute girl's bed set with flowers and butterflies would not be a difficult thing to do, but it's proven to be quite a hassle. My first sweep of looking I found a handful of bed sets that I liked until my sister pointed out I'd be spending 2-3 times the amount on Ellie's bedroom as I did on my own room. That seems wrong. My second search led me to buy a set from JC Penney, only to later find out that it's back-ordered until June! We're on the third attempt and I finally found the perfect bedding!

Ok, ok. So it's not what I have in mind, but it would have been perfect for me! If I was Ellie's age, this would SO BE MY IDEAL BEDROOM!!! Strawberry Shortcake RULES! Sigh. Keep looking, Niffer. There is no way I am going to convince Daddy that a bright pink Strawberry Shortcake bed is anything but BRIGHT PINK.

Restaurant Physics

There is something about going out to a restaurant that means Ellie can not stop leaning on me. I can only think of three possible explanations for this:

1. Mommy's gravity pull is greater when in restaurants and little objects like Ellie have no choice but to be pulled in.

2. The air pressure inside a restaurant affects Ellie's inner ear, and thus her equilibrium is all messed up and thus she needs to lean on me for support because she's dizzy.

3. The flooring and ceilings inside restaurants are actually slanted. As one grows older, your body automatically adjusts for this restaurant skew, but since Ellie is so young, she has yet to master this skill. While everyone else leans to straighten themselves with respect to their surroundings, Ellie remains in a true vertical position.

Which do you think it is?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Baby's Size Today II

Baby is the size of a lime (about 2 inches long). Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was commenting on how cute my little kumquat baby was.

Old Mac Donald Today

It used to be that Ellie hated the Old Mac Donald song. She would cry every time we sang it. When she was old enough to say "No," she would repeat "No! No! No!" if we started with the whole E-I-E-I-O nonsense.

That has now changed, and since Cracker's Mom recently posted an adorable video that reminds me so much of Ellie a few months ago, I decided to tell you about our recent Old Mac Donald success. Apparently Ellie has decided the farm life isn't so bad after all. I've tried so hard to get it on video, but for now you'll have to settle for the words.

Without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present to you Ellie's version of the classic Old Mac Donald lyrics:

Ode Mc Donna farm.
Horse neigh.

Ode Mc Donna farm.
Horse neigh.

Ode Mc Donna farm.
Horse neigh.

Kids notice everything, don't they?

Last week when I swore I wouldn't write anything other than my "Our story" posts, I read this post from Amalah, whose blog I can't stop reading. It's really the last paragraph that brought tears to my eyes (I've been crying a lot lately, haven't I?). I am not looking forward to the day where Ellie lays in bed, going over the events of her day practicing how she could have handled things differently. I realize it's a step we all have to do and learn, and that it's actually a good thing for a child to do, but it'll still be heart breaking for me.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bad day - good hair day

I nearly cried today when I picked Ellie up from daycare. We can blame it on the hormones, maybe. Maybe not. But let's explore why Niffer nearly cried, shall we?

Was it the big bruise that Ellie had on her nose? How does one fall so hard that they give themselves a black nose? Ouch! She told me all about the fall and how it hurt her nose and her finger. Then she said "Jana hug Lyla. Bett hug Lyla. Linay hug Lyla." I'm guessing the attention she got after her fall made it much much much more bearable.

Look at the scratches on her nose! And you can kind of see the bruise, but the flash washes it out quite a bit. Alas, it was not the bruise that got Niffer upset.

It was the hair. Ellie had her hair braided! Did you know her hair is long enough to BRAID???? I certainly didn't. Am I the only one who thinks that braids are for older children? Little ones should stick to the Pebbles ponytail look, don't you think? Their hair is just simply NOT LONG ENOUGH TO BRAID. Ellie's included. When did she pass that milestone?

But you have to admit, this little girl is awfully cute with braids. And now that they're in, I do not believe they will ever come out. I don't know how Miss Jana got them in - Ellie certainly never lets me touch her hair enough to do this kind of magic. They're so darn cute that as far as I'm concerned, I'm never taking them out. Let them fall out eventually, but I'm guessing these braids are good for a couple days!