Friday, March 30, 2007

Baby born at 21 weeks, 6 days

Have you seen this?! Look at the picture showing the baby's feet!!! It's just amazing to think that the baby survived! For those of you who don't know, the typical pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, so this baby was just barely more than 4.5 months into the pregnancy before being born. Ummm... let's all have a moment to give that some thought, shall we?


On a slightly related "wow" note, in our childbirth class we learned that the mother's milk is tailored completely to the baby. Yeah, yeah, we all know that, right? Well, did you consider the fact that this is also true for preterm babies? The mother's milk for a preterm baby is different than that of a full-term baby, because the mother's body somehow knows what nutrients the baby needs. Same is true as the baby ages, the mother's milk changes accordingly.


The human body is quite something.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today's Random Thought

I bet it's weird to be a guy (let me finish) and see a girl you once dated, who you haven't seen in say 8-9 months, about to pop with a baby.


I just realized that I never posted an update on the nursery! This picture is actually a little out-dated already because we now have a basket hanging in the corner with the stuffed sheep in it - very cute. For a close-up picture of the stencil around the room, refer to my original "Sheep Appetizer" post.

Now might be a good time to thank my dad and his wife, Vicki, for the crib. And thank you to Michael's mom and her husband, Bob, for the glider. We love them both.

The picture in the background is a cross stitch that I finished recently. Pretty, isn't it?

Anyway, we love the way the nursery turned out and find it to be a very relaxing place.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

That settles it then

We have a "it's a girl" prediction from our midwife (based off of the baby's heartbeat) and "it's a boy prediction" from our neighbor (based off of the way I'm carrying the baby), so Michael and I decided to settle the debate once and for all.

We held a pendant (my wedding ring on a chain to be exact) over my tummy to see how it would move. Everyone knows that this is the most accurate prediction method, right? Or so we were told by someone along the way.

The result?

Is it a girl? (pendant moves in a circle)

Is it a boy? (pendant swings in a straight line)

The pendant did not move! It just sat there! UGH! And to make it worse, when we tried to get the pendant going, it wouldn't make up it's mind. If it did move, it would do a circle and then a straight line and then a circle and then a straight line.

I guess that settles that, huh? The baby still needs time to decide. =P

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

And so it begins...

I was just chatting with Michael about cherry blossoms and he said "I suppose this weekend is the last time we can take a trip down to DC, huh?"

My response was "Why is that?"

His answwer was "Because I don't want you going into labor on the metro."

Ah. Good point. Smart man.

And so begins the stage of our lives when the baby limits the things we can do...

Mommy Vincent is a pig too!

For those of you who need to be reminded, this is the Year of the Pig, so Baby Vincent is a pig.

As it turns out, I think the baby will get this trait from his mommy's side of the family. Apparently I have started to wake myself up at night with nice lovely loud snorts.

Poor Michael.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Here comes the sun!

Yesterday we had one of those rare incredibly productive days. In a single day, we had friends over to take pictures, took them out to lunch, mowed and raked the lawn, planted grass seed, cleaned out the dead plants from my pots, sprayed weed killer around our back yard, started making the ladder shelves for our TV stand, and returned stuff to Babies R Us. The most amazing thing, though, is that we actually finished the trim around our kitchen! Is that considered "nesting"?

I am so happy with the pictures that our friends took (thanks Mike & Erin)! I have to admit, it was very difficult for me to narrow down the pictures to just a few for this post. However, I finally decided to just include the ones with Michael in them because after all, he's the cute one. I absolutely love this picture!

An interesting random note... Believe it or not, this is not a pregnancy shirt!

Anyway... Michael always sings "here comes the sun" when I ask him what songs he'd sing to the baby, and I haven't been able to get the song out of my head since seeing these pictures. It's spring time, baby!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Meet Ms. Sunshine Tummy

A new addition to my group of Tummy Girls... Ms. Sunshine Tummy

How stunning is she? I mean, really! Look at her! She's absolutely beautiful! When I saw her picture, I was overwhelmed by a sense of beauty!

Strangely enough, it made me think of a friend of mine who I know will look just like this picture when the time comes for her. I say "strangely" not because of her beauty (after all, I seem to have a lot of gorgeous friends), but because she is nowhere close to becoming a mother (Jen needs to get married first... well, technically, she needs to get engaged first). So why this picture reminds me of her, I'm not sure, but she's stunning none-the-less.

I think it's fitting, though, that I post this today because this weekend we're having some friends over to help us take tummy pictures of Michael and me, and the setting will be our living room with the sun shining through the windows. I'm so excited! Hopefully in a week or two we can get pictures of us by some flowers too!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Friendly reminder

Yesterday, as I was writing out a check I was reminded that it was exactly one month until my due date. Just thought I'd share.

Maybe it's Maybelline

A little reminder:
Keagan Asher if it's a boy.
Lori.elle Ashlyn if it's a girl.

I have to say that for the most part, I have been pleasantly surprised at the lack of negative comments we have received in regards to the names we picked. I'm sure that for the most part, it's due to people just being polite, but that is to be expected.

Up until yesterday, the worst comment we got since choosing the names was something along the lines of "Well I guess a Michael and a Jennifer would have to pick uncommon names for their children."

I have been particularly fond of Lori.elle. We like the fact that it has an obvious nickname of Lori and we can have a cutesy family nickname of Ellie. Anyway, both Michael and I have simply loved the name since the first time we heard it and I think that for the most part everyone we share it with agrees. I seem to remember one person (don't recall who it was) even said something along the lines of "I think you might have found the perfect unique girl's name that no one can fault."

Well that person was apparently wrong. Yesterday we got our first real negative comment the girl's name, and I think it is worse than the "Keagan is a vegan" comment we've gotten for the boy's name.

"Lori.elle? You mean like the make-up?"

Huh? I must admit I never ever made that connection. It never occurred to me that L'Oreal is pronounced the same as Lori.elle. UGH! I just hope we won't have to constantly say "this is our daughter, Lori.elle.... No, not like the make-up."

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Migratory habits of the elusive Niffer

The Niffer is most commonly seen on picnics, in the mountains, cute town hunting, or in a good bakery. However, studying the nocturnal migratory habits of the Niffer has become a recent challenge to local scientists. Until recently, scientists believed that the Niffer participated in the ritual of nightly hibernation periods lasting an average of 7 to 9 hours each night. This conclusion was commonly accepted amongst the scientific community and thus studying the Nifferal nocturnal habits fell off the list of topics considered worth exploring.

Mr. Michael, however, wasn't so convinced and believes that the scientists are completely mistaken in their assumptions. He has spent the last few months studying the strange nocturnal habits of his Niffer and has made some unexplainable discoveries that has caught the interest of the scientific community.

Unlike the traditional Niffer, today's Niffer does not seem to have a nightly hibernation period. Whereas the it was largely believed that the Niffer hibernated through the entire night, it turns out that that the Niffer no longer practices such sleeping patterns. In fact, the Niffer seems to practice no sleeping patterns at all.

One night the Niffer may be found slowly migrating across the bed, rotating between her left and right sides along the way. She'll start out on her right side, snuggling up next to her Niffer boy, then randomly she'll initiate what seems to be an exhausting process to flip over to her left side. She is now on her left side, snuggled up next to her huge U-shaped pillow, with her Niffer boy up against her back. Next, she'll go through another exhausting process to flip back to her right side, but this time there is an additional challenge in her way since she has to pull her entire body up and over the huge U-shaped pillow. Once her goal has been achieved, she seems to settle in for another few hours only to flip to her left side again. She seems to be thankful, though, that this time there is no mountain of pillow to traverse and once again falls peacefully asleep.

An hour or so of peace seems to pass when suddenly a wave of violence consumes the Niffer. It appears that the only thing on her mind is to get the covers off of her as quickly as possible. All the covers must come off NOW! As quickly as it came, the violence goes away. The Niffer once again falls back asleep, oblivious to the freezing temperatures surrounding her.

The next interruption, though less violent, still has a sense of urgency to it, when the Niffer jumps out of bed as quickly as she can (though keep in mind Niffers can't move very fast in today's world) and runs into the bathroom. What she does in there can only be assumed since our cameras are not allowed to follow. When she returns, she seems more relieved and crashes back into bed to sleep some more.

The night continues in a similar fashion... more flipping, sometimes to include taking on the additional challenge of moving up and over the huge U-shaped pillow, but other times not. There seems to be moments of confusion when the Niffer wonders why the heck she's cold and who pulled the covers away from her? But alas, the night continues on until it finally comes to an end. And surprisingly, without fail, the Niffer is finally sleeping peacefully when the alarm clock signals the arrival of the daylight. Fascinating.

It is obvious that these recent discoveries have stirred the scientific community, but is there a pattern? Join us next time when we explore the reasons why sometimes the nocturnal Niffer chooses to not sleep in her bed at all, but instead seems content to sleep sitting straight up in a glider. And what about the guest room? Is that bed ever used? Does the Niffer ever seem indecisive and can't choose between all three locations, thus widening her migratory region to three different bedrooms in a single night? Find out more when we return.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Signs of Labor

Today's baby progress, as stupid as it seems to me, fits well with what I was going to talk about today. Strange.

Baby Progress:
Watch your body for signs of labor.

What kind of baby progress is that?

Anyway... I had another appointment with my midwife yesterday and now I start the weekly appointments. It's just crazy for me to think that my due date is only 4.5 weeks away (and even crazier to think that if I go into labor 1 week from not, they won't try to stop it)! It really makes me realize how much stuff I have to do at work before I go, but that's not the topic of this post.

The good news is that my baby still seems to be small. The midwife guessed that her current weight is 4 or 4.5 pounds and so if I make it to 40 weeks, that will bring her up to 6.5 or 7 pounds. The midwife also guesses that the baby is a girl because the heart rate was in the 150s or 160s (boy's heart rates tend to be lower). Of course, that's no guarantee, but I thought it was cute how right before she told me she hesitated and asked me if I have a gut feeling before sharing her thoughts. I think she was relieved when I said I think the baby is a girl (though I'll admit that I have my moments when I think it's a boy as well).

The bad news? I'm not really sure if you can say it's bad news, but the midwife did say that there may or may not be any signs of labor before I actually begin the process.

What about braxton hicks contractions (false "practice" labor)? Nope. Not everyone gets them, especially first time mothers.

What about being a little dilated beforehand? Nope. The cervix can stay long and closed up until the day of or you can be 3cm dilated and not go into labor for a couple of weeks. Besides, they don't start doing pelvic exams until 38 weeks.

What about the water breaking? Nope. That isn't as common as movies make it seem, but even so it's not a guarantee that labor will begin.

What about the baby dropping? Nope. Not every baby drops into the pelvis before going into labor.

Come on! You have to give me something?!? Maybe I should have asked if severe lack of motivation at work is a sign of labor. Or if wanting to clean the house is a sign of labor (shhh... let's forget about the concept of spring cleaning).

I don't do well with spontaneity. My version of spontaneity is to plan something at least a week in advance. It just seems crazy that in this day and age they can't give me any warning of when my baby will pop out and say hi.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Case Dismissed

According to the email I got, this was an actual Australian Court Case 12659, and everyone knows that you can believe anything that is passed on in an email...

A lady about 8 months pregnant got on a bus. She noticed the man opposite her was smiling at her. She immediately moved to another seat. This time the smile turned into a grin, so she moved again. The man seemed more amused. When on the fourth move, the man burst out laughing, she complained to the driver, and he had the man arrested.

The case came up in court. The judge asked the man (about 20 years old) what he had to say for himself. The man replied, "Well your Honor, it was like this: When the lady got on the bus, I couldn't help but notice her condition. She sat down under a sign that said, 'The Double Mint Twins are coming,' and I grinned."

"Then she moved and sat under a sign that said, ' Logan's Liniment will reduce the swelling', and I had to smile."

"Then she placed herself under a deodorant sign that said, 'William's Big Stick did the trick,' and I could hardly contain myself."

"BUT, your Honor, when she moved the fourth time and sat under a sign that said, 'Goodyear Rubber could have prevented this accident'... I just lost it."


Thursday, March 15, 2007

With this ring, I thee wed

So sad. At my previous midwife appointment, I was told that I should take off my wedding ring because it is really tight. Apparently the midwives have seen too many people have to get their rings cut off because of circulation issues. That would be sad, wouldn't it?

I suppose I have to go for the next month and a half wearing a different ring. On the bright side, I can then tell my child "this is the ring I wore when I was pregnant with you." Not sure what that will buy me in the future, but hopefully it will be worth some Mother-of-the-Year-Award points! =)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tummy Tummy Tummy (34 weeks)

Can you believe how much time has passed since the last time I posted tummy pictures? Look at how much I've grown!

These two pictures were taken at 32 weeks, so it was right before heading out to Colorado for my baby shower. I'm guessing that since most of you saw me there, then my progress does not come as a surpirse to you, but man does the time fly!

Here I am this last weekend, at 34 weeks... only 6 weeks left! Holy big momma cow! Sadly I did have to retire my great jeans, so the ones you see here are slightly bigger. Actually, they're too big, which is annoying.

I find it interesting that I get so many comments on "you barely look like you're 6 months pregnant, let alone almost 8!" but when I look at these pictures I just don't see what people talking about. I'm huge! And for an update on the weight gain... I'm 5 pounds more than the average for someone as far into their pregnancy as I am. What's 5 pounds amongst friends?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pregnancy-induced brain fart

In today's departmental technical review (in front of all my boss' boss' bosses):

"For those of you who do not know me, my name is Jennifer Nix. No, wait. Jennifer Vincent. Umm... yeah. I've been married 2.5 years so you'd think I'd know. But the slide on the presentation definitely says Jennifer Vincent and that is me. Today I will be talking to you about the Proto 1 electroncis..."

Welcome to the neighborhood

We moved into our house about a year ago, and happened to move in just about the same time as our neighbors two doors down. We spent the first month feeling bad for our next door neighbors because both of us new-comers were doing major home improvement on either side of them. Anyway, and a few weeks ago I saw my neighbor and said to Michael "Wow! She's gained a lot of weight!" He asked if I thought she was pregnant and I said I couldn't tell because I didn't get a really good look at her.

Well this weekend we got our answer. They put a sign out on their lawn that says "It's a girl!" Apparently the baby was born was born over a week ago at only 4 pounds! Being the experienced parents-to-be that Michael and I are, we knew that the baby must have been born really premature to be that small.

Later that weekend, we went to give them a small gift to congratulate them, and of course to get the scoop. As it turns out, her due-date was 3 days after mine!!! She went into preterm labor and then started hemorrhaging so they had to do an emergency C-section. The baby is doing well but needs to spend the next week or two in the NICU.

Maybe it's just because I'm pregnant and getting closer to my due date (6 weeks away now), or maybe it's because I now know her due date was so close to mine... But this news has had a really strange effect on me. I'm not sure how to describe it. Maybe I'm sad. Maybe I'm scared. Maybe I'm excited. Regardless, it's hard for me to imagine having the baby now! In my mind, Michael and I have 6 more full weeks to prepare for a baby, but in reality, he may decide to come any day now!

$#!T I've got stuff to do! I need to catch up on documentation for work (as I'm sure everyone can understand, documenting my work is always the last and most annoying part of anything I do, but unfortunately it is also necessary)! I need to wash all our baby clothes! I need to put the car-seat in the car! I need to buy the useful stuff that we haven't gotten yet (not sure what, but I know I don't have it!). I need to finish my scrapbook! I need to take more pictures for my scrapbook! I need to finish my cross-stitch!

Michael and I are not really the spontaneous types... granted we've done a lot that walks the line of spontaneity, but in the end it usually takes at least a month or two of planning. So much stuff to do, but I know that in the end I have no control over this. It can not really be scheduled. "Pencil me in for any day for the next month and a half." Ugh. This is messing with my whole normal system!

Monday, March 12, 2007

How do you do that?

I don't know if I have mentioned yet that I am taking prenatal yoga classes. They're a lot of fun. There's actually two different classes. One is incredibly relaxing and the other is just fun. The relaxing one is more my style, but doesn't have nearly as many people in it, and since I wanted to meet other mommies-to-be I actually joined the fun one.

Anyway... week after week I go to my yoga class and see super-cute pregnant women. Many of them show up with their super-cute tennis shoes with their super-cute tied laces and all I can think is "How do you do that?"

Sadly I can't remember how long it's been since I've been able to tie my own shoe laces. Woe is me. Woe is me.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Holy mother of crap!*

A Russian peasant woman holds the record for having the most children. Between 1725 and 1765, she was pregnant 27 times and had 69 children (16 sets of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets).

* in the wise words of Michael.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

MHE and baby

MHE? What's that?

Multiple Hereditary Exostosis*

In a nutshell, it's a bone disorder that has been passed down from my mom's side of the family. It never really affected me much since I do not have too many bone growths (fondly referred to as "extra bones"), but it was the cause of some incredibly painful growing pains for me, as well as poor circulation in my legs. I also feel like my non-flexibility is probably due to my extra bones too. For the most part, though, the biggest way MHE has affected me is through my brother.

Of all the people I know (only family members) with MHE, Jacob has it the worst. Physically speaking, it makes him look a little off. He's short and stubby because instead of his bones growing long and thin, they would grow short and stubby. He's had more surgeries than I know of just to get rid of the growths that affect his movement. In the end, he's been through a lot of pain and I'm sure his pain tolerance level is higher than most.

A few years ago I stumbled onto the MHE and Me, a website full of support for kids with the disorder. I couldn't help but get all excited about it! What a great idea! I wish such a site existed when my brother and I were younger!

One of the things that instantly touched my heart was the poetry written by a girl named Jessica. Since I write poetry as my own form of medicine, I felt like I had a special connection to her because she wrote words that I felt like I completely related to, yet she was so young!

Years later (a couple weeks ago), I discovered that Jessica had a blog! She's now a teenager and so there is very little I have in common with her... but for some reason whenever I read her blog, I feel like it's either 1. describing emotions I felt when I was younger or 2. describing emotions I'm sure Jacob feels but just can't convey. I've added her blog to the list on the side (Jessica, if you happen to read this and don't want me to list your blog, feel free to tell me).

Anyway... in recent weeks I've been thinking a lot about MHE again, mainly because I got an email from their distribution list that mentioned a survey that was being done about MHE and babies. It just seemed appropriate for me to fill the survey out.

What surprised me is that the survey had a bunch of "controversial" questions on it. There were questions like "If you were pregnant and were offered the opportunity to test your baby for MHE, would you?" or even "If you knew your baby had MHE, would you consider terminating the pregnancy?"

I've always known that the chances of passing it is 50% and that even if my baby has MHE, there is no way of telling just how much it will affect his life. He may have a mild case of it like I do, or may have a more severe case that causes him constant pain. There is just no way of knowing.

I've also known that some people are more sensitive to the idea of their children having something wrong with them. My ex once told me "Don't worry. When we want to have children, we can use someone else's eggs" because mine were "contaminated" (man I wish I could say that was why we broke up!).

But really? Terminate a pregnancy because of the possibility of having MHE? You have no idea how surprised this made me! It's strange for me to think that I have a disorder that would make some people think twice about having kids. I remember there being a letter sent to the mailing list where a lady was expressing her concerns for starting a family knowing her husband could pass on MHE, and I was surprised then too.

I'll admit, though, that I do not know to what extent MHE can really affect a person. I've read about examples where people are in so much pain that they can barely get out of bed, but even so, it's not an every day occurrence (or at least I don't think it is).

I remember when the topic came up with Michael and I (years ago). I remember being nervous about his reaction and fearing that it would be similar to my ex's. After listening to everything I had to say, Michael thought for a moment before saying something along the lines of "When I think of Jacob, I can not see there being any reason that I would not be able to love him or fall in love with him, so why would it be different for our kids?" I really don't give Michael enough credit, do I?

In the end, of course I wish my children do not have MHE, but if they do, it won't mean I love them any less or that they have any less of a chance to find their soul mate in the future. Michael was right. All that matters is that you surround yourself with people who love you.

* For more information, visit the MHE Coalition website.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I broke an old man's heart last night

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a weakness for cute old men. In fact, I told Michael before we got married that one of the conditions for us working out long term was that someday he must become a cute old man. I warned him of this because I have always known that someday I would be married to a cute old man. Granted I suspect I'll be old myself at the time, but the fact still remains.

Anyway, last night we sold our Saab. I love my car and hate to see it go, but there is something about a convertible that clashes with the idea of a baby car seat. Let it be known now, though, that I do intend to have another convertible some time in the future! And when that happens, I swear I'll be in Colorado so that I can full fill my dream of driving amongst the aspen leaves with the top down! Let it be known, dammit!

OK, back to the story, Niffer... We sold our car to the first person who looked at it. The man had "cute old man" potential, but only recently retired. He currently works at a golf course so that his grandkids can have free putt-putt-golf admission. Cute!

The sad part of the story, though, comes in when I was given the task of calling Myron, the other cute old man who was interested in seeing the car (we had an appointment to meet him last night as well). I'm not sure what I think of the fact that both parties interested in my car were old retired males, but I'll put that thought aside for the moment.

(Myron's phone is ringing)
Myron: Hello?
Niffer: Hi, we're supposed meet you tonight to see the Saab?
Myron: (sounding happy and excited) Oh yes! Hello! I was just about to leave work and call you! How are you?!
Niffer: Good, thank you, but I was calling to cancel our appointment because we had someone buy the car earlier today. I'm sorry.
Myron: (sounding so sad) Oh... Oh... Well I'm sorry too.
Niffer: (feeling guilty) Well I'm glad I caught you before you left.
Myron: (sounding heartbroken) Well, OK. I suppose that's OK.
Niffer: (feeling like a royal bitch) I'm sorry. Have a good night.
Myron: (sounding like the sad cute old man I'm sure he is) You too, sweetie.

Sigh. I realize it's probably because of my hormonal pregnancy "issue" but yes, I'll admit it... I cried after getting off the phone with Myron. I felt so horrible for disappointing an old man like that. Yes, I cried because I had to cancel an appointment with someone I had never met, after happily selling my car to another. Yes, I felt like the only cure to make me feel better would be a hot bath, but in the end I settled for a foot massage.

Poor poor Myron.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We all know the process

"Jennifer?" the nurse comes out to get me for my appointment. "Please give us a urine sample and then step on the scale."

Ah yes, the toilet. I've seen one of those before. I've done this before so I even know how to use one! It certainly feels good to finally pee since I've purposefully held it in because I knew I'd have to pee in a cup for my appointment. Ahh, much better!

Uh, wait... where's my cup? Dammit! I forgot the cup? I forgot the cup! I forgot the freakin cup!!

OK, settle down. There's probably still some left. After all, how many times in recent weeks have I peed, pulled up my pants, and gone over to the sink, only to realize I have to pee more? Let's just say more often than I'd like! But of course, that doesn't seem to be the case this time. And really? Who can pee when under pressure to pee? Especially when they just got done peeing in the first place!!


"Umm... ma'am, where's your urine sample?"

I forgot the cup. Leave me alone.

Monday, March 05, 2007

People are starting to talk

Hahaha! I just got a spam email on my work account from a girl named "Erin Mansfield". Unlike most spam, this one has the appearance of a real email. Erin is kind enough to say the following:

Hey, I hate to be the one who tells you, but people around the office have been talking about you. When people continue to talk about your weight issue, well it just disgusts me. Whether you know it by now or not, people are always chattering about one another at work, but lately you have come up more than enough.

Like you, I wasn't the happiest or the best fit up until a year ago, thanks to my damn brother-in-law, but that has changed now. Anyhow, it was for the best. What I am saying is you need to do something and maybe I can help. Try this stuff out. I took it on the idea that it's just more junk, but it worked great. I see more positive reviews on it nowadays, which makes me feel even better. So, I am encouraging you to change... I'd hate for your weight to continue to be the topic of the narrow-minded people at work.

With good intentions,

Friday, March 02, 2007

Repeat after me

I really should start taking advantage of the statement "I can't talk about this right now. You're stressing out the baby."

Sometimes I wish I was more strong willed or something. I wish I had the ability to speak my mind or stand up for my actions and decisions without breaking down. I think the problem really comes down to me being so easily persuaded. I may think something through, weigh the pros and cons of a situation before finally coming to an informed decision I'm comfortable with, but all that goes down the drain as soon as I talk to someone who disagrees.

I'd like to think it's because of my ability to see the validity in both sides of any story, but really I just have to admit that I get upset too easily. Sadly, when I get upset about something, I tend to lose the ability to speak which then adds to the lack of ability to clarify my reasons for making my decisions... it's a vicious cycle really.

I bet if I started saying "You're stressing out the baby", it would alleviate much of the need to argue or defend myself. =)