Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Bun Bun Theft

Somehow the topic of strangers breaking into our house to steal some of our things came up and it had Ellie quite concerned.

Ellie: But Mommy, I don't want them to come into our house because then they will take all of our treasures.
Mommy: That's why we lock our doors so they can't come in.
Ellie: But what if they still get in?
Mommy: That would be sad, but luckily everything they take we can get replaced.
Ellie: Not our most special treasures! Not Bun Bun!
Mommy: And not our photos, but usually when people steal stuff from a house they steal things like the TV or jewelry because theyr're worth more money.
Ellie: But Bun Bun is worth the most and we can't buy new ones! I don't want Bun Bun to get stolen! Mommy, what if a robber comes in and finds Bun Bun and smells her and he sees that she smells so good and he decides he wants to keep her? Mommy, if a robber finds Bun Bun I KNOW he will take her because she smells so yummy.

Yes, apparently the same Bun Bun that she used to suck on as a pacifier, which caused it to smell mildew-like, which led to us buying 7 of them so that she could have a new freshly cleaned Bun Bun every day... Yes, apparently they have been scarred by a specific smell (though not exactly a bad one... just... distinct). And apparently that's part of what makes Bun Bun so very special. She's the only stuffed animal that "smells so good." Huh. Who would have thought?

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