Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ellie's Goals

She ran out of goals.  We started them in May I think and since then she had averaged crossing off one goal every king.

Complete level 1 swim class - CHECK!
Do a cartwheel - CHECK!
Ride a 2 wheel bike - CHECK!
Complete level 2 swim class - CHECK!
Master the monkey bars - CHECK!
Complete level 3 swim class - CHECK!

And now,  the moment we have all been waiting for; the ultimate goal of all goals...

Get into dive class - CHECK!

This girl ROCKS!

How many of those items can you do?  In all honesty I might be able to do only 3 of them. Notice the question in the tone of my voice.  It is so strange to have your child surpass you in so many ways!  And do soon!

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