Monday, June 29, 2015

There once lived a princess...

... who quickly grew into a beautiful into a beautiful soul. The only thing that seemed to grow quicker than the little princess was her heart.

The princess possessed a special kind of magic that allowed her to love bigger than big.  She ruled her kingdom with one motto:  I love everyone and everything.   When most would run from a bear, the princess would stand brave, ready with a great big bear hug of her own.  Though it was typical for a prince to win the heart of a princess through acts of bravery, perhaps by slaying a dragon our two, she chose to defend the majestic creatures. Her heart would be won by love.  Some say she had the heart of a bear and a dragon soul, but I think she just had the ability to see kindness where others would not even try to look.

The princess was very polite and patient. She held a certain kind of confidence that told those around her that she knew the day would come for her to be great. If a challenge presented itself to the princess, she seemed to know that eventually she would conquer it. Having this foresight gave the princess a great deal of peace for she knew that life was too short to worry about the small things standing in her way. 

The princess had an old soul and whenever she smiled, she would do so with her eyes. No doubt the kingdom was a more cheerful place because of her sunshine.

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