Friday, July 17, 2015

So dreamy!

On our recent date, Addie and I went to the Dashanbe Tea House. Upon seeing one of the waiters, Addie was instantly smitten. Sometimes these moments take me by surprise. Sometimes I wonder if my girls are more boy-crazy than they should be. Even so, I try not to make them feel embarrassed about their feelings.

ADDIE: Oh, Mommy! There goes my heart!
MOMMY: Oh? How so?
ADDIE: Look at that waiter. He's so dreamy!
MOMMY: Oh, he is cute! What makes you think he's so dreamy?
ADDIE: I really like his long curly hair. He looks like Hic-Up!
MOMMY: Oh, I understand that one. I love it when Daddy's hair is curly and long.
ADDIE: But mostly I love his beard. Well, it's not really a beard, but it kind of is.
MOMMY: Oh, you like it when it looks like the beard is just starting to grow in, but isn't quite there yet?
ADDIE: Oh yes! (sigh)
MOMMY: It's called a 5:00 shadow.
ADDIE: I don't care what it's called. When I get married, my husband can call it whatever he wants, as long as he is just as perfect!

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Jen H said...

Awww. I was boy crazy from the time I met the neighbor boy, when I was about 2. She'll be ok. =)