Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Addie's Drawings

I have to say that I'm always so impressed with Addie's drawings.  She always seems to choose to include a level of detail, character and life that far exceeds anything that even Ellie draws at age 8.  Below is a sample of artwork Addie has blessed us with in the recent couple of months.

Aspen tree in the fall, with a heart.  This was presented to me because she knew how much the autumn leaves make me think of her.

Our recent camping trip.  Notice how she included lots of stars and even shooting stars.  At the bottom, you can see our car, tents and happy camper people.

Kindergarten self portrait.  I love the details in her dress and shoes.  It matches her outfit nearly perfectly!

Sunflowers, only notice how one is even drawn from the side.  Seriously?  Is this girl really just in Kindergarten?

Night time lights.  Remember my recent post about her connection with Vincent Van Gogh and his love for the colors that the night brings with it?  Well, here is her version of Starry Night.  I love the building to the left, the stars in the sky and the city lights to the bottom right.  I know a good parent isn't supposed to compare her children, but Ellie has never drawn anything close to this level of abstraction.

The Cheese Importers.  This is one of our happy places to go to.  Look closely and you see the building's front door, windows and cafe bistro tables.  It makes me happy just looking at it.

101 dalmatians, including some sitting on the couch, and on the bed.  She did make it a point to tell me that there aren't really 101 dalmatians in the photo but she ran out of space and time to draw all the others.  She said we can just pretend that they're there, only they're off to the side of the paper.

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