Monday, January 25, 2016

Mommy's Date with Addie

For our January date, Addie and I had afternoon tea with Gramma at the Dashanbe Tea House. We LOVE this place and Addie was definitely excited to share it with Gramma. "It's the most beautiful place you'll ever see, Gramma! Don't forget to gasp!"

As always, we sat in one of the fun bed-like tables in the corner, which adds to the fun. Addie proceeded to tell use about the painted ceilings and how this place used to be a magical dragon cave. The ceilings were painted one by one, each flower painted for a different dragon. When asked who painted the ceilings, Addie told us "My Daddy dragon painted that square, and my Mommy dragon painted that flower. Those over there were painted by the fairies, and the rest of it was painted by just a couple 13-year-olds.

Uh... OK.

After that, we got straight to work on playing with the trolls and gnomes. The trolls, in particular, were a favorite of Addie's on this particular day. Apparently their names are Snot, E-Wak and Stinky. Snot makes boogers that coat the silverware with slime to make them slippery. E-Wak uses the earwax from his ears to set sticky traps because he's quite mischievous. And Stinky? Well let's not go there, but I hear that there is fog and steam involved.

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