Monday, June 30, 2014


As someone who grew up with a crazy number of cousins, I think it's strange that my daughters don't (and likely won't) have true cousins. By that, I mean none of their aunts and uncles will have children of their own. This used to bother me quite a bit because I thought they would be missing out. Luckily I was wrong. They have cousins even if they're not related by blood. I love seeing them together. Love it. Our favorites are Audrey and Clive (Aunt Erin & Uncle Adam) who live close by, but the girls couldn't get enough of Falon (Pappy & Grammie's granddaughter) and little John John (Pappy & Grammie's grandson) was just too cute for words.

And a surprise bonus! We have cousins Selah and Elise! Score! I'm so blessed to have my cousin Andy and his wife feel like my girls can call their girls "cousins." Watching them all together made my heart sing.

Life is good even if not how I always pictured it.

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