Monday, June 02, 2014

Cure for the Grumpies

For those of you who are parents, or maybe even those who are not... If you ever happen to find yourself driving a car filled with grumpy people and you've asked around for ideas on how to fix the problem only to discover a car full of grumpy people whose grumpies are preventing them from being able to use their heads... I have a solution for you!!!!

Find yourself a good round-about in the road. They're more common out East, but I assure you that they're getting more and more popular everywhere. Not only are they wonderful inventions for traffic flow, but they're a perfect cure for incurable grumpies in three simple steps:

1. Enter the round-about without saying a word.
2. Stay in the round-about without saying a word.
3. Leave the round-about only after every single passenger is laughing because it's so silly.

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