Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Date with Addie

My date with Addie led us to the land of butterflies, in hopes of befriending one of the winged creatures.

And oh did she! These gentle beauties absolutely LOVED Addie, and who could blame them? Addie seemed to hold magic powers to attract the butterflies. Well, OK... I'll let you in on a little secret. It's actually our magic butterfly hat. There is something about the black and white that draws the butterflies closer. It seemed that just as soon as one butterfly flew away, another one would replace the first, saying hi to Addie. The kids around Addie stared with sad eyes wishing that even just one butterfly would land on them like they would with Addie. And what happened next made my heart leap with joy, yet didn't surprise me in the least.

Addie noticed the sad yearning looks of the children around her and she started sharing her butterflies. "Here, you can have this one..." and gently handing the butterfly off to her new friend. Then she'd turn to the next hopeful child and give him one too. She was the keeper of the butterflies. No doubt it was a special moment.

Afterwards Addie informed me that when she grows up the thing she wants most is to become a butterfly veterinarian.

And for her date with Daddy to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, she pushed her mental abilities even further and proved that she could relax and overpower his mental abilities without breaking a sweat.

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