Friday, October 10, 2014

Aunt Erin's present

Aunt Erin's gift to Addie was to get her ears pierced and oh what a gift!

Truth be told, Addie was nervous. She was scared. Aunt Erin came up with a great idea to move past Addie's fear.

ERIN: Tell me about the Elsa and Anna dolls you really want.
ADDIE: Well I want both dolls. The Elsa doll is blue and the Anna doll is her little sister....

While she was talking away about the dolls, her ear was pierced. However, just as quickly as her first ear was pierced, her hands were up covering her other ear in protection as if to say "Hell, no! You're not getting this one too." Aunt Erin tried the same approach and asked her to talk about dragons, but Addie would have nothing to do with it. We tried to not pressure her. For a moment I started to wonder if she would be going home with a single earring, but then suddenly, out of the blue...

ADDIE: OK... Dragons. I like the happy dragons better than the angry ones. My favorite dragons are...

I was so impressed with her ability to take a deep breath and dive into her fear.

And since then? Addie has loved her earrings and it feels like she's had them this entire time.

Thank you, Aunt Erin!

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Jen H said...

This is a great story. Good job, Erin, on distracting her. Good idea for a present, too! Addie looks beautiful, and although I've always thought she looks like you, I've never seen it more clearly than in these photos.