Tuesday, October 14, 2014


It's strange for me to say this, but I'm beginning to wonder if my blogging times are coming to an end. Why would I say this? Well, truth be told, I started writing my blog to remind me of the moments that make me laugh so that I could focus on the good times rather than the difficult ones. It's been an amazing blessing for me, as one of the unexpected side effects is that I LOOK for the good in my girls. None of this has changed. My life is good. My girls are amazing.

So, why do I feel like my blogging days are nearing an end? Because things are so easy now. My girls are at an age where they don't frustrate me very often. I don't have to look on the bright side because that's pretty much all I see. It's a good thing, really.

What's more? This is the bitter-sweet side of the story. I think my girls are past the funny stage of their childhoods. They are old enough that there are fewer and fewer of those moments where I just have to laugh because the words or actions they've done are not quite right.

Along with the silly things that young kids will say, I think the days of snuggling with my girls on my lap are numbered too.

Sigh. Growing up is so bitter-sweet.


Jen H said...

=( I'll be really sad if you quit blogging. Even when it's not funny stuff the girls say or do, I still appreciate it because it makes me feel like I still live nearby and know your family when I see photos and recaps of your adventures. I love seeing how much the girls are growing up and I like knowing what my good friends are up to.

On the other hand, it takes a lot more time and effort for you to post than it does for me to read. And the girls will soon get to an age where they'll want more privacy. Not to mention that you're a busy lady and maintaining a blog so that I can stalk you in ease from across the country really isn't your responsibility.

Ultimately you'll do what's best for you, and I respect that. But I'll really miss it if you stop. <3

Niffer said...

Awww... Hugs. I like having my very own stalker.

Niffer said...

Awww... Hugs. I like having my very own stalker.

Salina said...

I also enjoy reading about your life, but I know how you are feeling. I've realized that my blogging needs to start being more about me and my parenting, rather than about the lives of my children. I owe them that privacy. I am glad you are also reaching the 'wow, this is pretty good now' stage. I love that I'm there. This is more like how I imagined being a parent would be.

Niffer said...

So interesting to hear that tid-bit about "owing them that privacy." I've previously told myself that because I refer to them only by Ellie and Addie, that there is little risk to me intruding too much on their privacy, but perhaps it's a question I should ask myself again. Or one I should continually ask.