Friday, November 28, 2014

Baby Basket

Neither of my daughters have been too keen on baby dolls. In fact, I recently donated all of our swaddle blankets, after FINALLY giving up hope that they would pick-up the game of pretending to be little mommies. Until tonight I didn't think I would regret that donation. On the way home, Addie asked if she slept in a cradle when she was a baby. I told her that she (and her sister) slept in the very same baby basket that I slept in when I was a baby. The girls were impressed, and when I mentioned that even my cat had kittens in the basket, there was no turning back. Addie asked very nicely if she could keep the basket in her room for awhile. Something tells me there will may be a change in the air with the theme of their pretend play. Sheesh. We don't even own a play baby bottle!

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