Wednesday, November 19, 2014


In my recent post, I wrote about how Aspen Hunting was my mom's favorite activity to do during my childhood. This morning I was talking to my mother about the post. She commented on how it's interesting how different our perspectives can be. Here I was thinking Aspen Hunting was her most favorite thing to do, all the while she says the reason picnics were such a common family activity was because it was cheap. With 3 children (sometimes more), it wasn't cheap to go to the movies or out to a restaurant, but for the price of an avocado, a box of crackers, cheese and meat, we could go out to the woods and enjoy an entire afternoon.

Perspective is an interesting thing. Here my mom was thinking the activity was all that she could manage, all the while we were building special memories.

My mom somehow managed to give us a much happier childhood than she had herself. I hope she is able to see how good life is for my little family and know the significant role she has had in creating it.

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