Friday, February 20, 2015

Long Live the Tooth Fairy!

It's been nearly a year and a half since I thought the Tooth Fairy was debunked. Since that day, there have been many times when Addie will casually comment on me being the Tooth Fairy.

There was one time when Addie was telling me that she understood that it's possible to be more than just a mother, and that there was more to life than just having a good career. I thought she was going down the path of combining the two, and was about to tell me about her dreams of being a mother AND a veterinarian. Alas, the words out of her mouth were "I can be just like you! I can be a mother AND a tooth fairy!"

It wasn't until the other day that I realized the damage our conversation from years ago had caused. It's not just that I'm the Tooth Fairy, it's that I. AM. THE. TOOTH. FAIRY.

ADDIE: Mommy! I missed you today! Here, you will need this.
MOMMY: What is it?
ADDIE: It's a list of all my friends who have loose teeth. Did you know that I'm the first one in my class to lose a tooth?
MOMMY: OH! Why do I need a list of all your friends?
ADDIE: Because you're the Tooth Fairy and I am helping you so that you know to pay attention to them because they have loose teeth!
FRIEND #1: Are you really the Tooth Fairy?
ADDIE: YES! She is! AND she's my Mommy!
FRIEND #2: Can you come to my house when I lose my tooth?
FRIEND #3: Don't forget about me!
FRIEND #4: I live at...
ADDIE: It's OK. It's OK. My Mommy will take care of all your tooth needs!

Oh boy.

One can't help but love how she never lost her innocence even when faced with the truth.

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