Saturday, August 10, 2013

R.I.P Tooth Fairy

So you remember the conversation we had with Ellie last September?  Perhaps it was because it recently took the tooth fairy 3 nights to get her act together but tonight the truth came out.  Here is the conversation that ended up bringing tears to one's eyes.

ELLIE: Mommy is the tooth fairy real?
MOMMY: What do you believe?
ELLIE: But is it really a fairy that leaves me the prizes or do you?
MOMMY: What do you think?
ELLIE: I think it's the tooth fairy but I want to know the truth. I want you to tell me the truth.
MOMMY: Would you be sad if the tooth fairy wasn't real?
ELLIE: No but I just want you to tell me the truth.  I think she is real but I want you to be honest.

Did you notice that by this point she had reminded me three times how important it was to her that I was honest with her?  Trust me,  I noticed!  I can not lie to my daughter when 1. We stress the importance of her being honest with us and 2. She is flat out telling me that she wants me to be honest with her.  It would not be fair to her. If she wants to believe in the tooth fairy, fine.  But if she wants the truth and I don't give it to her, shame on me. ..

ELLIE: Please tell me so that I know.
MOMMY: You are right.  It was me who put the treasures under your pillow every time you lost a tooth.
ELLIE: See Mommy?  The tooth fairy IS real! My tooth fairy has a special name.  Her name is Mommy!

Oh dear God, girl!  When you first started reading this post, perhaps you might have guessed that it was Ellie that was brought to tears.  You were wrong.  Once again Ellie took Mommy by surprise and handled the moment with much more magic than an entire jar of fairy dust!


Mippy Foofalina said...

Awwww..that made ME tear up! What a sweet convo.

Niffer said...

Thank mippy! I was surprised that it was so difficult on me but she wasn't phased by it at all.

Angie said...

FABULOUS! Jen, you are much wiser than you give yourself credit!!!!