Thursday, August 22, 2013

Healthy Eating

As frustrating as it can be to get our girls to eat food, I think we're on the right track. Occasionally the girls will decide NOT to have dessert, or sometimes they choose to have the healthy version instead of a bunch of sugar. Sometimes they even eat a part of their dessert without finishing it to the point of licking the plate off.


One such evening, Addie decided she didn't want to have dessert. At first we thought it was because she didn't want to have a clean plate club. As a general rule, we figure that if they're not hungry enough to finish their meal, then they're not hungry enough for dessert. If they choose to not eat their meal, we try to be OK with that decision but it means no dessert.

So... back to my story... this particular evening, Addie says she doesn't want dessert. Since she still had food on her plate, we assumed this was because she didn't want to finish her food. We go along with setting Ellie up with dessert and notice that Addie is about to put her LAST bite into her mouth.

"Addie! You almost have a clean plate club!"

Remembering that she didn't want dessert, she quickly put her last bite back onto the plate. She then looked up with a terrified look on her face as if to say "Can I still pass up on the dessert? I didn't eat my last bite!"

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