Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bella wait for me!

It has been long since that Addie has decided that Bella is her mostest bestest friend. No doubt they plan to keep it that way forever.

The problem?  Bella is 1 month older than Addie and as such, she is and always will be one school year ahead of her.

When Addie transitioned into Brown Bears, she was so excited to be in Bella's class.  I didn't have the heat to tell her that Bella was also moving up. 

When I picked her up the first day of being in Brown Bears, I was not surprised to find little Addie in tears.  "Mommy, I am trying as harder as I can to grow bigger as I can.  I eat my veg-tables and lots of healfy food. I am growing as fast as I can buy Bella isn't waiting for me! I just want Bella to wait for me! "

Heart breaking.


Jess D said...

Aww! So sad! But also cute!

It's been a while, and I wanted to stop in and see how you were! How are the girls? Did they end up MHE free or did they inherit it? Both my boys have MHE.

Niffer said...

Jess!!! It has been a while! No, neither of my girls have it. What a relief. How are your beautiful boys???