Thursday, August 08, 2013

There once lived a princess...

... who grew into one of the fairest the land had ever seen.  She had a heart of gold and loved with every bone in her body.

The princess was a thoughtful soul.  It seemed she was always thinking of something.  Sometimes she thought about what nice thing to do next for a loved one.  Sometimes she thought of good solutions to a problem.  And sometimes she thought about what she wanted to do in the seasons to come.

Her options were endless and she knew it.  She knew that if she worked really hard and practice, then she could accomplish any goal she set her mind to.  She was a princess of great achievement because she knew this secret.

Still, it was not her achievements for which those around her knew her best. It was her smile - for if there was any princess that would surely live happily ever after, it was she.

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