Sunday, August 11, 2013

Personal space bubble

Daddy, feeling a little bit smothered...

Daddy: (scoots over to give himself more space)
Ellie: (scoots over to snuggle more)
Daddy: Ellie, I need more space.
Ellie: Why? I want to snuggle.
Daddy: Do you know what it means to be in someone's personal space too much?
Ellie: Yeah! It's kind of like a bubble, and it's your personal bubble. (scoots closer) It's not polite for people to invade your personal bubble because sometimes you just need your own space. (arms around Daddy) Sometimes you just need to be able to breathe. (squeezes tight)

Well... She gets partial credit for understanding the definition, while being completely oblivious about her own actions.

Me thinks this was a lot funnier in person than in writing.

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Jess D said...

No it's funny in writing too lol! And the look on his face...bahaha!

Nolan does that too.