Thursday, August 22, 2013

Addie Wants a Turn

This summer Ellie participated in a few theater camps. She was impressive in the sense that very few kids memorized their lines, but she memorized ALL of hers. She's a self-driver like that.

One thing that took me by surprise was how much it meant for Addie to be there to support Ellie on her performance day. It meant that Mommy had to leave work particularly early to get Addie in time to make it for the show, but Addie insisted that it was VERY important to her so I made it happen.

Upon arrival, Ellie and her class would be sitting on the floor in front of the stage. When she saw her little sister, Ellie would pat the floor next to her to show Addie that there was a spot saved for her. She would give Addie a nice little squeeze as they sat next to each other and paid attention to the teacher.

After each little play the teacher talked to the class about what their favorite parts were. She would call on individuals who had their hands raised. Addie would raise her hand, but since she wasn't in the class, the teacher didn't pay much attention to her. When Ellie noticed that this was starting to bother Addie, she raised her hand.

Teacher: Ellie, what was your favorite part?
Ellie: Can my sister, Addie, have a turn please?
Teacher: Sure. Addie, would you like to tell us your favorite part of the play.
Addie: Yeah.
Teacher: (waits... waits... waits...) Ok... What was it?
Addie: I liked the part... I liked it when... I liked... I liked it when the... ummm... they said... I liked it when... I... umm...
Teacher: You liked lots of parts?
Addie: I liked the part the best when they... umm... when the girls said... um... I liked it when they said... Ummm... "Kitty cannonballs!"
Ellie: Good job Addie!
Audience: Awwww!

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