Tuesday, February 02, 2016


We were all concerned.  Addie said Coconut needed surgery and wanted to put a nice patch on him.  She said it would help her remember Patchy (who sadly has still not been found).  Whether the patch be in memory of an old friend, or to help heal the new one, Gramma helped me come up with a great solution and after a few hours of post-surgery rest, Coconut was himself again, filled with all smiles and snuggles.

Then, as luck would have it, Mittains fell down the stairs and needed some tender loving care too.  Ellie requested a special monogrammed patch of love.  Her recovery went just as smoothly.

There may be no better way of knowing for certain that a stuffie is well loved than when they have been marked by their child, and no doubt both Mittains and Coconut now have been the mark of love.

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