Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Addie's Sleeping Beauty Story

It went something like this...

Once 'pon a time dere lived a boo-tee-ful princess named Sleeping Beauty.  She wanted to wear a bee-eww dress but the only dress she could find was a pink one.  She put on a dress and it was pink but she wanted it to be bee-eww so she took it off.  She got anoder dress and put it on but it was pink too so she asked her fairies for a bee-eww dress.  They used dere magic to make her a bee-eww dress but when she put it on it was pink! 

And den her prince came.  His name was Pince Feet.  Pince Feet loved her very much and dey lived happily ever after. 

Dee End

Hmm....  Prince Feet, eh?  I suppose there are worse names to marry into.

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