Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Growing Up

It is always quite surprising to me when either of the girls does something out of the blue that seems so mature.

For as long as I can remember, Addie has always LOVED to wear dresses and skirts. She says that they make her feel so pretty and nice. She was born to love dresses. So imagine my shock that ever since she turned 4 on her birthday a week ago, she has been wearing PANTS more often than not. When asked why, she responds with a question in return. "Do I look like a teenager?" All the while, with a sly grown-up look on her face. I admit, when she wears a pair of jeans, there is no sign of my baby girl. Just a kid that has taken her place.

Today when Ellie rode the bus home from school, she walked herself home, came in the door, and without saying much more than a "Hi, how was your day?" she went to the kitchen, got a piece of bread out and a plate. Then she proceeded to make herself a sandwich for a snack. She even made me one too because she could tell I wasn't feeling very well.

When did this happen? When? Tell me!

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