Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Happy 4th, Addie

Addie's day was just about perfect. First she got to open her present from Ellie, which was a fancy PURPLE dress that Ellie bought with her own money. Then Mommy FINALLY gave her a gnome that was made just for her. As luck would have it, the two matched perfectly.

I asked her how it felt to be 4 years old and she just grinned and reassured me that someday she will be my baby again.

Daddy asked her what she wanted for breakfast and it was a small miracle that he was able to give it to her, considering how little food we really have in the house. A few minutes later they were served a plate of green eggs and green ham. Nicely done, Daddy.

After walking Ellie to the bus stop, I told Addie what the plan was for the day. It wasn't anything super special. Get treats for her classroom, drop her off at school while Mommy ran a couple errands, Mommy would pick her up early, come home to play some games, take a nap, then go to the store with Gramma. After laying the plan out, she had a great big grin and very sincerely sighed and said "Thank you, Mommy. Thank you." The girl is 100% sweet.

I think the most note-worthy thing to post about, though, was her reaction to Ellie. They get along very well, but usually it's because Addie is willing to go along with whatever Ellie says to do. Addie knows how to humor Ellie, even if she doesn't agree with her. But her birthday was different. Ellie was trying to talk Addie into doing a race to see who got to keep the big present. Addie knew the present was hers and didn't want to fool around with a silly race that she knew Ellie would win. As such, she said no. Ellie kept begging. Finally Addie said, "I don't have to. Today is my birthday and I can do anything I want... with good choices!"

LOVE that she stood up to Ellie and LOVE the disclaimer she tagged onto the end of her out-of-character "I can do ANYTHING I want" statement. This girl is so mature - definitely a wise old soul.

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