Saturday, October 12, 2013


Barely a month into the school year (considering she didn't have school for a few weeks because of the floods) and Ellie has officially told me that she no longer likes math at school or at home. She says it's too boring. I don't blame her. The girl is WAY ahead of the silly stuff that first graders are learning. She can add and subtract single digit numbers with no problem, two digit numbers fairly well and can even cross over into negative numbers. She can multiply single digits and do a few simple division problems. Seriously, this girl just GETS it.

And thus she's bored with what they're learning now. Sigh. Unfortunately I do not think there is a good short-term solution. She will be changing schools soon but I think we'll come across the same problem there. We would like to get her into a Charter school but most likely can't do that this school year. I have found some math games that she can play on my phone but beyond that I'm not sure I have many options right now. Wish me luck in keeping this girl challenged!

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