Thursday, April 03, 2014

Addie Draws Addie Bears

Addie may be her name when I speak about her online, but my real nickname for her is Addie-Bear. Recently I have noticed that bears are her topic of choice when drawing pictures. How interesting it is to see how subtly different she is from her big sister.

Here is her first Addie Bear, complete with sunshine rain (of course).

And this one puts an especially big smile on my face. You see two sister bears down below, holding their own umbrellas to protect them from the rain. Above and to the right, you see the storm. Addie says she never drew a storm before because she doesn't know what one looks like, but she's pretty sure it looks like that. Then to the right of the storm, you may assume you see another cloud. You'd be only partially right. Technically that's an alligator angel hiding behind the cloud. I know, I know. That was going to be your second guess.

One thing I must say... The level of detail behind the thoughts of each image, even from when she was younger, blows my mind. No doubt, when a child draws an image, she's creating an entire story at the same time. Magic.

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