Monday, April 28, 2014

Little Family Trip

Daddy does quite a bit of traveling for work. Most of his work travel takes him to the wondrous state of Maryland or the exotic city of San Antonio. We often try to tag along to visit family and friends in Maryland since we used to live there ourselves, but this weekend was the first time we tagged along on a trip to San Antonio!

Yay! I LOVE trips with my Little Family!

Since it was basically just a weekend trip, we did very little. In fact, we didn't even get to go see the River Walk. WHAT? I know. We may be the very first people to visit San Antonio and NOT stop to see the River Walk! Sigh.

But we DID get to hang out at the hotel all day Saturday! Yay! Hotel!

Actually it wasn't that bad. The hotel had great grounds with a long lazy river (I think a 1/2 mile long!), pools, activities and playgrounds for the kids. The time passed by quickly and the girls went to bed with smiles on their faces and new pet snakes by their sides. Ok, so they're not real snakes (thank goodness)... but the fun kind of snakes that are made out of wood.

Life is good.

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