Thursday, July 03, 2014

Glacier National Park

In case you didn't notice, we recently went on a trip. We took the little family up to Glacier National Park. In fact, it was a Big Family trip. We met Pappy & Grammie up there, along with all of their children and grandchildren (Two grandparents, 8 parents, 1 uncle and 6 grandchildren). It was a lot of fun to see Pappy & Grammie again and I got a kick out of watching the cousins play together. Alas, I've reached a point in my parenthood where taking crazy amounts of pictures just no longer happens so I have nothing to show for the fun we had but it included going to Whitefish for the alpine slide, building forts and playing games outside.

I was surprised, though, at how much Little Family time we managed to sneak into the trip! Maybe this was because every Little Family had their own agenda and many people wanted to do something different like shopping, swimming or playing golf. Heck, there was also those who tried to sleep in. Maybe it was because we showed up a few days after everyone else and they had already gotten their Glacier fix in. Whatever the reason, we found ourselves with many half-day hikes through waterfall infested green mountains.

We collected smooth rocks and even found a couple heart-shaped ones. Ellie learned how to skip rocks, which is always a fun way to pass some time. The Big Family went on rafting trips. We stuck with the scenic one while others took to the white water. Grammie apparently fell out of the boat in their first encounter with a rapid, so that was a little scary. Other than that the rafting trips were huge successes.

I must say, I'm always surprised at how amazing my girls are... specifically to one another. They're really fantastic sisters and though they were overwhelmed with sleep deprivation (fun times and a late setting sun can do that to you), they still managed to look out for each other and be... well, just what they are... good sisters.

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CBonebreak said...

We love Glacier Park!! I'm so glad the girls were able to do some of the hikes! There was also snow when we were there which prevented us from seeing Logan's Pass, so we need to go back.