Monday, July 07, 2014

Hiking Glacier

Just in case the previous set of "Purty" didn't entice you into going, let me share some of our hikes with you...

My Little Family got to go on a couple of hikes during our stay in Montana. The first one, to Avalanche Lake, resulted in mixed reviews. Avalanche Creek was as stunning as ever but we didn't make it up to the lake. Our guess is we made it about 3/4 of the way before we had to turn around because we were meeting the Big Family for a tour bus trip (which ended up being a flop since the pass hadn't opened yet).

The next hike more than made up for it. Round trip it was close to 4 miles, which may very well be the longest the girls have every hiked, but it was a fantastic hike. From beginning to end there were 5-6 waterfalls to keep the girls motivated and moving. Just when they were starting to get tired, BAM! There's a waterfall! It's like the park designers planned this trail just for families like us.

Addie won the prize for being the most entertaining on the hike. She started to tell a story full of grandparents, princesses, knights, queens, kings, babies and all the interactions between them. There were tid-bits about various silly relationships between key characters and even a point in which the kingdom had asked Addie, herself, to become the queen of all the fuzzballs. She described in great detail the pros and cons of such a great decision placed upon her shoulder, and ended up deciding that the fuzzballs were worth saving after all. With all the detail she put into the story line and even pointing out where various characters lived, worked and played, you'd think that she was talking about a kingdom of fairies but you'd be wrong.

She was talking about a kingdom of plants. She fell in love with the little tuffs of grass along the trailside and created an entire world around them. WOW. I've always known she has quite an imagination, but THE. GIRL. DID. NOT. STOP. TALKING. UNTIL. WE. REACHED. THE. TOP. OF. THE. TRAIL. at which point she politely asked me if it was ok for her to stop now because she's tired. HAHAHA.

The girls made it all the way until the very last hill up to the parking lot before they complained too much about being tired. Quite honestly, we could not have expected more from them. It was a long but good hike. I highly recommend the hike to St. Mary's Falls and Victoria Falls.

Just in case you didn't get the hint... Glacier was definitely infested with waterfalls. It seemed that they were everywhere. Did I mention that I love this place?

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