Thursday, July 10, 2014


ADDIE: Until next time, I bid you "I Do!"

I love Ellie's poses. She'll put effort into her outfit and strike a pose to show off how grown-up she looks. It makes me chuckle every time.

I love how Addie doesn't hesitate to try new foods. Her "No Thank You" bite is usually the first to be gone from her plate. She has discovered some items she loves and others that she doesn't but she's not afraid to try. After years of struggling (and still dealing with it) of picky eaters, I can not express how nice this is.

I love how Ellie helps her little sister without giving it a second thought. She's so caring.

ADDIE: I like to use my brain! My favorite thing to play is Brain Games!

For all her act, Ellie struggles sometimes with the concept of growing up. Most of the time she'll say things to try to look or act older, but every now and then she admits to wishing she was still little. It's an ageless problem for us all, isn't it?

What are baby frogs called?
According to Addie, "taddle-poles."

I love how the girls have started pointing out all the hearts they can find. It started with searching for heart-shaped rocks but now they point out things like heart-shaped toast, shadows, puddles or even leaves. The world is full of love and I love how much they make it a point to make sure I see it all.

I absolutely loved the girls' reactions to driving through the waterfalls in Glacier National Park (weeping wall). Ellie pretended like it's all cool but when it was Addie's turn, she squealed with delight. Her giggles are priceless.

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