Friday, November 16, 2012

Teenager Pants

Ellie got a bunch of pants. They were mostly jeans. I wanted her to try them on to see if they fit. She didn't want to. She said they were ugly and they would make her look like a boy. I asked her nicely to try them on to just see if she likes them. She tried them on and I asked what she thought. Ellie gave me a frustrated look and said her new pants made her look like a boy. They were ugly.

Quick! Niffer, think fast! She MUST wear these pants because... well, because... Just BECAUSE!!!

"Oh my gosh! I totally agree. You should take those pants off because they make you look like a TEENAGER!!!"

She hasn't taken them off since with the exception of changing into another pair of pants from the pile of new ones. She even sleeps in them and every morning the does her model show and coyly asks me "Do I look like a teenager?"

Ha! Score!

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CBonebreak said...

Haha! Win!!