Friday, December 28, 2012

Good plan

Mommy: Are you excited to go to a new school next year?
Ellie: Yeah. I miss Michael and I will get to see him again.
Mommy: Wow. You still miss him?
Ellie: Yeah, and I'm still going to marry him.
Mommy: Do you think he is excited about that?
Ellie: Well I gave he is a year older now so maybe he doesn't think love is yucky anymore.
Mommy: Maybe.
Ellie: But I also like David. Sometimes I think I want to marry him instead.
Mommy: Oh man! How are you going to decide?
Ellie: Well I don't know if David thinks that love is yucky. I think he does because he's just a boy. Maybe when he gets bigger? But I think when I decide, I will pick the boy who is the nicest to me.
Mommy: That is a good plan!

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