Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Inspired by my new Gniffer's Gnestlings, when Ellie asked me if I would color with her, I knew exactly what I wanted to draw.

My plan worked! Soon Ellie was creating monsters of her very own. She especially liked her "Fish Monster" in the middle.

Here is her hairy monster. I'm not sure if the monster's name is Addie or if it's FOR her sister Addie. Hahaha.

Her "For Eyeball Man" has 6 eyes, not just 4, but I think he's wonderful none-the-less.

Here's another LOL Monster (she made a different version months ago). I wonder why she loves LOL Monsters so much. This one is covered in feathers.

I enjoyed watching Ellie create monsters, as I knew I would. It's fun to see her imagination flow and it's neat to see that her skills can keep up. Addie, on the other hand, I wasn't sure how she would respond to this monster-creating activity but she jumped in with so much excitement that she could barely stay still.

Addie's drawing skills are still in development (Ellie started drawing recognizable "people" when she was 6 months older than Addie is now), so I helped her. She told me what to draw and I did it. She insisted that the monster start with 3 legs, then have a face like a kitty. Don't forget the spikes on the legs, Mommy! And the 3 tails! She LOVED her creation and her enthusiasm was part of why we continued to draw monsters for so long.

Her next set of monsters were far more traditional. When I was done she told me whose names to write on the paper. She sure does love her friend "Math-a-yew" and told me that I had to write it again in blue because that's his favorite color. I'm thinking Math-a-yew might be her first mini-crush.

And finally, Addie's Rainbow Monster. She told me where to draw the hairy legs and arms. Eventually she did do some coloring in of the monster, but she was so proud of her finished monster that she wanted to sleep with her Rainbow Addie!

I'm such a lucky mommy. Can you guess which one I am making next?

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