Friday, April 19, 2013

Addie's Wedding Plans

On the car ride home from Uncle David's wedding, a very tired Addie could NOT stop talking about her own wedding plans. Her conversation went something like this...

"... When I get bigger, I'm going to get married! When I am tenty years old, I will get married at Kiss-mas time! My marry will be at Kiss-mas time and I will sing Kiss-mas songs all the day long! I will sing Kiss-mas songs to my pince all the time because it will be Kiss-mas time when I marry my pince. And I am going to have a snowfake pincess costume! And when I kiss my pince, my wings will come out and I will be so happy to fie! Den I will use my wand to give my pince wings too so he can fie too. Den I will wand everyone so we can all dance in the sky all the whole night long! Then sparkles from the wand will come down like snow! And I will dance in the snow wif my pince. I am going to have snow falling from the sky at my widding when I am a fairy pincess because it's Kiss-mas time! Do you want to come and dance wif me in the snow falling when I get married???"

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Jen H said...

I really hope I get invited to that wedding.