Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ellie's Birthday Party

Mommy: Ellie, what do you want to do for your birthday party?
Ellie: I want to go to Mid Air Adventures where they have those big swings and zip lines!
Mommy: Ok, that means we can invite 6 friends to your party. Who do you want to come?
Ellie: I mostly want my sister, Addie, to come. And she is going to want to bring a friend so I guess that leaves 4 more for me.

Seriously??? These two have it. The bond between sisters.

At the party itself, Addie was too nervous to do the swings or zip lines until Ellie went with her to show her that it was safe. Afterwards, Addie was a pro and kept her friend Julia safe on the swing just like her sister kept her safe. So cute.

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Jen H said...

Those girls are so sweet! Happy birthday, beautiful Ellie girl!