Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Camping 2013

Apparently I now consider ourselves to be pros at this whole camping thing. It didn't even occur to me to take photos of the girls helping to set up the tent until it was all said and done and Ellie asks "But what about the helping-put-up-the-tent photos?" Huh. Go pretend to help again.

It didn't take Addie much time before she started finding treasures to share with Mommy. There is something about this photo I love. Look at her eyes!

I actually don't have any photos of us, as a family, in front of a campfire. Oh wait... I guess that's no longer the case. Hehehehe. There is so much about this photo that makes me giggle.

Apparently camping is no longer a good excuse to avoid exercising either. Ellie got straight to her sit-ups. Mommy was impressed (and a bit jealous).

And of course, Addie had to join in on the exercising fun. She says it keeps her helfy.

All in all it was just as much fun as a family camping trip should be. Even with Addie's new-found hobby of experimenting with expressions for photos.

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Jen H said...

I adore the picture of you with Ellie on your back.