Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ellie's First Boyfriend

I returned from our trip to an unexpected surprise. "Mommy, guess what! Even though I'm only 6 years old, I have a REAL boyfriend!"

Oh my... I can honestly say I'm not ready for this. Not only does Ellie have a boyfriend but he doesn't even have a cutesy name like Jake. No, her boyfriend's name is... WOLF. You might as well call him Spike for all I'm concerned.

My mom says that when she went to pick Ellie up from camp last week, Wolf approached her and asked very nicely, "Can you please wait a couple of minutes until my Mommy picks me up? I want to give Ellie my phone number. I know my number and I know how to spell my first name but I don't know how to spell my last name. Can you please wait until my mommy gets here so that she can help me spell my last name?"

Sigh. I'll be honest. I kind of wish I was there.

According to Gramma, Ellie wanted to call Wolf right away but she was patient and waited until they got home. When she did call him she got the voicemail and left a very grown-up message. "Hi, this is Ellie. I was just wondering if you could ask Wolf if he would like to be my boyfriend. Um, I guess I will try to call him again tomorrow. Thank you. Bye."

The next day Wolf and Ellie talked on the phone for 5 minutes or so and decided that they are indeed an item.

I asked Ellie to tell me about Wolf. He has blond curly hair and blue eyes. Cute. He is an older boy at age 7. She says that she really likes how he is super nice and says nice things to her. He invites her to play with him and doesn't tease her like some of the boys. It brought to mind the common mistake that parents (myself included) make with their daughters when it comes to little boys who tease them. "Oh, they're just being mean to you because they like you." How horrible is that advice? No wonder so many little girls grow up to be in abusive relationships. But alas, that's not the point here. I told Ellie that I was proud of her for picking a boy who is really nice to her because that is really important. Her response was "Yeah, Wolf is a good boy. I'm glad he is in my life."

We've yet to hear from Wolf since Saturday's conversation but Ellie is looking more and more grown-up every day. Sigh.

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