Friday, June 28, 2013


In May we decided to introduce the girls to the concept of setting goals.  Ellie's goals were:
-  Finish Level 2 swim class
-  Ride a bike
-  Get better at the monkey bars
-  Do a carthwheel

She finished Level 2 swim class, which she was super excited about because she knows she can be in the dive class once she proves herself in Level 3.  She has replaced the goal with the goal to get into Dive Class.  Woop woop!

This week we worked on another goal.  Check out her cartwheel at the beginning of this week's gymnastics camp.

And her very first real cartwheel!

And now Ellie's cartwheels at the end of the week.

I think it has been so fun helping Ellie make and reach her goals. I am so pleased to see herself so proud of her accomplishments and all at a young age!  Wow!

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CBonebreak said...

I am very impressed! I still can't do a cartwheel! Maybe I will make that a goal... after surviving labor and birth... first things first :)