Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Breaking up is hard to do

Ellie: Mommy I don't know if you heard.
Mommy: Heard what?
Ellie: Adrienne and I separated.
Mommy: Oh?
Ellie: Do you know what "separated" means? It means we broke up.
Mommy: Whose decision was that?
Ellie: We both decided but he isn't being nice about it.  Not like Jameson.
Mommy: Who is Jameson?
Ellie: Oh we were together after Adrienne and I separated, but then we separated too.
Mommy:  Oh really?
Ellie:  Yeah but he is doing it right.  Adrienne is doing it wrong.
Mommy:  What do you mean?
Ellie: Well he is still being nice. We are still friends. We decided that just because we don't live each other doesn't mean we can't be friends.  We can still be friends.
Mommy: Wow. That's pretty mature.
Ellie: I just wish Adrienne would do it right too.
Mommy:  Me too. Me too.

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