Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Adventurous Bob*

Bob is no ordinary rock. Most rocks are stubborn. They don't like change, but not this rock. Bob loves to explore and have adventures. And quite honestly, sometimes I'm surprised he comes back at all.

Last week was one of those times. We could not find Bob anywhere. I looked in all the normal places - my pockets, my car, my office, my bed, my bedside table. I asked my family for ideas of where to look - under the couch, daddy's car, in the laundry, in the gift wrapping supplies. I even looked around all the conference rooms at work, and asked my colleagues if they have seen a black rock. "A black rock? What does it look like?" Uh... really? Seriously, dude. If you see a black rock, chances are it's mine, regardless of what it looks like.

I even cleaned out my car (trust me, that's getting desperate) and we cleaned the house. I was avoiding making the official declaration that he was lost until after we dealt with all the holiday stuff, but considering all the places I looked, it wasn't looking good for us.

Then we had Aunt Erin and her family over for the holidays. Randomly, Erin notices that Clive is holding a black rock. "Uh, Clive, did you find Aunt Jen's rock?" Sure enough, Clive just stumbled on the right spot and didn't even notice he had found something special. He just knew the rock felt good to hold and was proceeding to do just that.

And where exactly was Bob hiding?

Apparently he took a long nap under the bridge of Mommy's favorite snow globe. Maybe he was pretending to be a troll. Though I cleaned up all around the snow globe, I did fail to look under the bridge. Who knew?

* This post was brought to you by Ellie, who found a "safe" spot for Bob to rest.

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