Monday, February 10, 2014

A moment of silence

I just found out that a colleague's 2 year old little boy went to bed last night with a fever and was found dead two hours later. Otherwise healthy. BAM! No warning.

I'm left with a sick feeling in my stomach as Addie's daycare calls to tell us she needs to go home because she has a fever. I'm not quite at that "freak out" zone because I know that what happened to his son is so crazy uncommon. But I am definitely in that "imagine if it were me" zone as no parent should ever have to experience such a loss.

And so quickly without warning. How does the world continue to turn?

Time to go home and snuggle with my little girl who isn't feeling well today.


Jess D said...

Oh my god that's so sad and scary! Did they ever find out if there was undiagnosed issues? :(

Niffer said...

No. They ruled out any foul-play from the parents and then due to religious reasons I think they chose to not dig any deeper. Scary stuff.

Niffer said...

Jess, do you still have a blog??? If so, what's the address? I'd love to catch up with you!