Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Ellie's first love was Michael. The way she figured it, if I married a Michael, so should she. There must be something to that line of thought, because Addie's first love was Michael too. Go figure. Things didn't work out for Ellie and her Michael, though, since he decided he loved another girl. Did this bother Ellie? No. She was certain their time would come.

Then came Braydon. He had glasses. I can't say I blame her for that, but their love was not meant to be as they separated ways for different schools for 1st grade.

Next was Wolf. He was a rebel (based solely on his name, of course). Even though she was only 6 years old, she was proud to have a real boyfriend. She even got his number. And called once or twice. But long distance relationships rarely work out.

So next was Michael again. They were in the same class for first grade, much to Ellie's delight.

But to Mommy's surprise, she was distracted by another boy in the classroom, Tyler. I must say, she has good taste in boys. He was a cutie - tall, dark blond hair and bright blue eyes.

But even blue eyes couldn't keep the two together when she moved to a new school and fell for Adrean, another rebel (based on the fact that he had an earring). Adrean had glasses too, and was one of her first friends in a new school. But as fate would have it, she discovered how immature boys can be when they separated and he didn't seem to understand that you can still be friends even if you don't love each other.

Jameson understood, though. Maybe it was because their relationship didn't last long, but he was mature enough to not take their break-up personally.

And now there is Logan - a friend from her past. They've known each other since preschool and though they go to different schools, they see each other every day before and after school. He has grown into quite the Prince Charming - tall, dark hair and bright blue eyes. It's the eyes, I'm sure. She says that he makes her laugh by saying ridiculous (her words) things like "Will you marry me?" Oh my!

But there is also Shawn and Dominic. I simply can't keep up.

When I asked her who she would like to invite to her party, Michael's name made it to the list, even though it's been nearly 4 months since they've seen each other. I guess you never really get over your first love, do you?

I recently found this stash of love letters in her backpack. The senders include Logan, Shawn and Dominic. "I love you," "You're going to be my girlfriend," "You're cool," "You have a very big fort" and "You're awesome" are all included (with varying degrees of proper spelling and punctuation). Uh... Did I mention this girl is not yet 7 years old??? At this rate... well, let's not go there.

And even since the week that I actually wrote this, it's way out of date. Even her teacher chuckled at the story of the love notes and said "Yeah, Ellie loves the boys." Ellie's new love is Garrett (as of 2/12/14, subject to change). She says "Don't ask me why he's my true love. You'll have to ask him. He just says it's true." Apparently a week ago he even asked her if she had plans for Valentine's Day and if she wanted to go on a date. ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME???? She told him she would like to but that she has more age-appropriate plans like a sleep over with a friend. Ok, so she might not have used those exact words.

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Aww! Breaking hearts and taking names!